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Thank you for visiting. Join us at our next Sunday service, at 6200 N. Garrett in Garden City:

February 1, 9:30 & 11:15am

"Love Will Guide Us," Rev. Dana Worsnop

Privilege and oppression have been themes in American culture throughout our history. We all have parts of ourselves that are privileged and parts that are oppressed. How can we come to recognize our own privilege and examine it so that the world can be a place where fewer are oppressed? Celebrant Patricia Heeb. Susie Hardy, Service Coordinator.

If you can help, please donate to the Interfaith Alliance via the secure page at "Network for Good" by January 26.


Add the Words

The Add the Words campaign is gearing up after a hearing was scheduled by the Idaho Legislature for January 26th before the House State Affairs committee. ALthough this is good news, there is no guarantee that it will get out of committee without citizen pressure. In addition there are legislators who are saying that this bill will not go forward with out carving out a religious exemption. Such an exemption would be a poison pill that will take away much of the benefit of adding the words to the Human Rights act. Rabbi Dan Fink said that it would be as if Moses had accepted Pharoah's offer to let the men go but keep the women and children in Egypt! There is no half justice.

The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho wants to get a billboard near the Capitol in support of Add the Words, coming from people of faith in order to counter the view that houses of worship support discrimination. The new slogan is "Add the Words. No more. No less." They need $3,000 to get the message on the billboard. And they need our help this week.

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Our regular Sunday services during September through May are at 9:30 and 11:15 am. Nursery care is available, and we have a children's religious exploration program during regular services.

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About Unitarian Universalists

Unitarian Universalists believe people are ultimately responsible for their own religious beliefs and practice. We don't try to tell anyone "this is what you should believe" or "this is how you should live." Instead, we seek to build a supportive community in which individuals can explore and share their spiritual understanding.

The Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF) is a community of members and friends, a mix of long-time Unitarian Universalists, people who have left the church of their youth, spiritual seekers and avowed atheists, Christians, Jews, agnostics, and humanists. We share a sense of mystery and wonder of the universe, allegiance to the scientific method, love of nature, and tolerance for diverse religious beliefs. We share respect for life and the land which sustains us, and a commitment to individual responsibility and freedom of belief. Follow the link to our Membership page to learn more about us.

Visitors are welcome at every Sunday Service. Contact us ( if you would like more information about our church or activities.

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