November 2015 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

November 19, 2015

BUUF Library

6200 Garrett Street, Garden City, Idaho



Board Members: Claudia Fernsworth, Lori Watsen, Roger Sherman, Sue Langley, Marcia Lyons, Gwyn Reid, Sarah Bratley, Linden Boice, Craig Raese

Others: Reverend Sara LaWall, Elton Hall (Program Ministry Council), Tony Zornik (Stewardship Committee)


Action Number Decision Notes
Motion 20151119-1 Consent Agenda

Minutes – October 15, 2015 Board Meeting

Treasurer Report

Minister’s Report

PMC Report

Director of Religious Exploration Report

President’s Report

Endowment Committee Minutes (September Meeting)

Motion to accept Roger Sherman

seconded (Marcia Lyons) and passed by unanimous voice vote

Note: Board requested and Sara LaWall agreed to include Sunday Service attendance trending information in future Minister’s Reports.

Motion 20151119-2 Motion to rescind March 2015 Board vote on unspecified requests:

See motion below

Resolved, that

The Board of Directors for Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Rescinds the March 2015 decision by the Board of Directors to put a minimum of 75% of unspecified planned giving donations in the Endowment Fund;

Expresses hope that present and future Boards will continue to look beyond the immediate needs and dreams of the Fellowship when presented with undesignated donations;

Encourages present and future Boards to save for the future through assignment of a portion of unspecified funds to the Endowment Fund whenever fiscally reasonable; and

Emphasizes the need for open and respectful dialogue surrounding the financial resources and future of the Fellowship.

Motion to approve Gwyn Reid


Seconded (Claudia Fernsworth)

Passed by unanimous voice vote

Note: The vote to rescind culminated a careful review by the board. The board continues to appreciate the reasoning behind the decision of the board at the March 2015 meeting to require that a minimum of 75% of unspecified planned giving donations be put in the Endowment Fund. Based on the recommendation supported by a number of committees (Planned Giving, Stewardship, Finance, and Endowment) the board was persuaded that rescinding the previous motion would still allow for future planned gifts (with unspecified purpose) to be placed in the BUUF Endowment fund, but would ensure that the decision regarding the use of unspecified funds would remain with the board of directors or their designee in accordance with policies in place at the time of any future gift.


Motion 20151119-3 Motion: Move that the Board support the continuance of the Dare to Dream Solicitation through the current fiscal year in order to pay off the mortgage even sooner, thus freeing up for other purposes funds currently being applied to mortgage payments in BUUF’s operating budget.

Motion to approve: Linden Boice

Seconded (Sarah Bratley)

Motion Passed by voice vote

Board Action Potential future board education topics:

·       Definitions of terminology used in board discussions

·       Roberts Rules

·       Covenant of Right Relations

·       More chapters from Governance and Ministry by Dan Hotchkiss

·       Welcome Committee

·       Social Justice Strand





6:45   Business Meeting

  • Consent Agenda 15 minutes (Vote Required)
    • Minutes – September 17, 2015 Board Meeting
    • Treasurer Report
    • Minister’s Report
    • PMC Report
    • Director of Religious Exploration Report
    • President’s Report
    • Bridge Event Center Request – Free rent to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
    • 2016 AGD Report
    • Endowment Committee Minutes (August Meeting)
    • Questions/Discussion of Consent Agenda Items


  • Action Items   (none planned)


  • Discussion Items
    • Discussion – letter from Judy Holcombe regarding Endowment Vote – March Board Meeting (letter included in board packet) 20 minutes
    • Plan November 8 – World Café 15 minutes
    • Break (10 minutes)
    • Chapter 8 Discussion and Set up Task Force 25 minutes
    • Review Organization Chart – Board education on organizational structure – 30 minutes
    • Executive Session – 15 minutes
    • Adjourn


Non agenda items – upcoming board events


  • World Café (fall) – November 8
  • World Café (spring) – February 21, 2016


Board goals

  • Create a roadmap of and make progress on a shift to policy based governance
  • Bylaws review (including make up of board)
  • Structural – Communication strategies for committees under board
  • Continue to support last year’s initiatives
    • to be a welcoming congregation – creating pathways to engagement
    • Social Justice will help guide and inform all aspects of BUUF’s congregational life