As we grow the kitchen gets more and more use. Here are the guidelines by the hospitality volunteers for kitchen use.

The Guidelines

1. The kitchen is open to use by all. It is everyone’s loving responsibility to keep it clean for everyone.

2. If you use kitchen dishes, utensils, or other items please clean them. You can leave kitchenwares out to dry. Hospitality volunteers are happy to put things back away for you.

3. If you use disposable or single use items and you notice it’s getting low, please inform Hospitality.

4. If you use the carts or coffee urns, please clean and return them to their original location.

5. If an item needs to be borrowed or kept out of the kitchen on a Sunday, please ask Hospitality first.

6. If an item malfunctions or breaks, please inform Hospitality.

7. If you plan on using the sanitizer or coffee urns, someone in your group must be trained. Please contact Shari or Mitchel for training.

8. If you are planning on using this space for a group larger than 5, please contact Shari or Mitchel for a quick training on how to use the kitchen and sanitation machine.

Contacts for Hospitality Volunteers

Mitchel Bethel:

Carolyn Bevington:

Thanks for being in community in this shared space.