Annual Congregational Meeting May 15, 2022

Minutes – Annual Congregational Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

May 15, 2022, 11:45 am, Via Zoom

  • Member sign in 

Quorum established (73 members) (Counters: Jenna Raino, Eileen Geddings, Elaine Daly, Nancy Harms)

  • Call to Order   
  • Ingathering & Chalice Lighting  
  • President’s Report    
  • Social Justice Presentations

Asylum Seeker Outreach   

Library Outreach Project   

  • Physical Plant Task Force Presentation  
  • Bylaws Report

Voting open May 15 – May 22 or longer if needed to achieve needed participation majority  

  • Endowment Report
  • Nominations and voting  
  • Elect Board Members    

Officer Positions for the Board of Directors:

Vice President (1 year) – Jan Salisbury

President (1 year) – Debbie Johnson (continuing)

Past President (6 months) – Scott Smith (continuing)

Secretary (3 years) – Debra Smith

Director Positions for the Board of Directors:

Director #1 (3 years) – Francis Kilkenny

Elect Nominating Committee: 

Member #1 (3 years) – Erin Logan

Member #2 (3 years) Becky Groff

Member #4 (1 Year) Shaylee Healy

Elect Endowment Committee Member: 

Member (3 years) – Cory Strop

Point raised whether committee members had to be BUUF members and whether Cory Strop was a member. He is not. Policy verified that 4 of the 5 committee members need to be BUUF members. Cory would be the only committee member not a BUUF member so his nomination can stand.

  • Treasurer’s/Budget Report
  • Approval of 2022-2023 Operating Budget 
  • Adjournment 1:20 pm   

Summary of Motions Made

20220515 – 01Motion to adopt the slate of Board candidates by acclamationMoved: Damien Alambra
So moved
20220515 – 02Motion to nominate Cory Strop for a three-year term on the Endowment CommitteeMoved: Scott Smith
So moved
20220515 – 03Motion to accept budgetMoved: Eileen GeddingsSecond: Scott SmithSo moved
20221515 – 04Motion to adjournMoved: Tom von AltenSecond: Scott SmithSo moved