April 2020 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

April 16, 2020

Zoom Meeting


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Sandy Cruise, Elaine Daly, Rachel Murphy, Elizabeth Pirie, Scott Smith, Harriet Shaklee

Also Attending:

Rev. Sara LaWall

Board Action20200416-1Accept Consent AgendaMoved: Tom Second: Scott Pass 7 Yes, No 0, Abstentions 0 Raised hand vote
Board Action20200416-2Continue to pay staff wages and salaries at current level through the end of the fiscal year.Moved: Rachel Second: Scott Pass 7 Yes, No 0 Abstentions 0 Raised hand vote
Board Action20200416-3BUUF will provide all employees who fall ill with a pandemic illness paid leave for the duration of the illness up to 60 days.Moved: Tom Second: Rachel Pass 7 Yes, No 0 Abstentions 0 Raised hand vote

Action Items

  • Continue personnel support during the pandemic by paying wages/salaries and being flexible with duties and how staff use their paid time.

Those whose normal work may not be needed– what other tasks can they perform?

Those whose normal work is restricted by the building being closed (with the exception of select staff during select times) – is there outdoor work that could be done safely? Indoor work would have to be very closely monitored which is not practical at this time.

Those whose health would be compromised by coming in to work.

  • Pandemic leave policy for staff.

There is a federal program available if someone falls ill with Covid 19 (up to 10 days paid leave). BUUF’s personnel manual follows all federally mandated policies so that is available.

BUUF should go above and beyond the federal requirement.

Discussion Items

  • Annual Congregation Meeting
  • Date: May 17 (the date is always the 3rd Sunday in May)
  • Structure: Via Zoom
  • Time: 11 am (right after service)
  • Notification: Email as much as possible with hard copy notices to those that are known to not use email (or use it sparingly)
  • Quorum verification: A rollcall could be done using the chat function of zoom; members could be grouped alphabetically and asked to acknowledge their attendance by written affirmation in the chat.
  • Business: Keep to the most basic, needed business items; with the number of members anticipated to attend and the Zoom structure, it does not seem feasible to have many items or things that needs lots of discussions.
  • Business items: Annual budget, Board nominations, Endowment committee members
  • Voting on motions: Could be done by raised hands – visually or electronic for those without video representation.
  • Other: Meetings prior to the annual meetings could facilitate sharing of information and opportunity for questions and discussion that would not be feasible to do during the actual Annual meeting. Two of these forums will be held, May 3 and May 10 immediately following services. Board members will attend these as needed (Rachel, Scott, and Tom at a minimum).   ESTF work should be acknowledged during the Annual Congregational meeting.