From “R’s” host and new “abuela”:

R just signed up for English classes and was very excited to discover that his English is on the second level not the first of the learning scale.  His legal sponsor gave him a used bike and he loves the freedom of riding to Ann Morrison Park or going to the Dollar Store. He is amazed at the Thrift Stores, there is no such thing in his country, and also about the gadgets in American home such as popcorn makers.  He is a wonderful cook and enjoys sharing his love for Honduran food but is very open to trying other kinds of food. His first choice is to cook at home rather than eat out although he enjoys the socializing of a meal out with friends. He is very helpful, respectful and mostly, cheerful.  Although grieving for his loved one and the loss of his homeland and family, he remains resilient, curious and hungry for knowledge about how to succeed in the USA. The legal process continues and hopefully will move along quicker soon. There is more music and joy in my house because of “R” and I am grateful every day.