BUUF Climate Action Team, 2/16/2020



Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10am at BUUF – Energy Audit of BUUF requested by Rachel Strong – come if you would like to participate.
Tuesday, March 3rd at 5:30-6:30 at the Main Library, Gates Rm – Boise Climate Coalition for Earth Day meeting.  Ann Robertson will attend for BUUF -join her if you can.

Attendees:  Jim Bigelow, Claudia Fernsworth, Blanca Gerard, Rob Ham, Bob Huntley, Betsy Johnson, Ray Johnson, Dennis Rockwood, Sharon Rockwood, Jane Rohling

  • Sign In/Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions 
  • Special Presentation – Jim Bigelow, Chair of BUUF Social Action Council – Brief introduction of CreateClimateJustice.net and UUtheVote
  • Old Business
    • Social Justice Council – SAVE THE DATE: Social Justice Restorative Retreat – Saturday, March 7th 10am – 2pm (note time change) at BUUF
  • New Business –
    • 50th Anniversary of Earth Day – April 22 (Wed), 2020 — Boise Sunrise Movement strike and other actions at the State House and at JUMP.
    • “30 Days/Month for Earth” — Start with Earth Day on April 22 (Wed.) and end with BUUF Outdoor Worship on May 24. 
      • NAME – Thirty Days for the Earth, Climate Justice Month, and Four Weeks for the Earth- still undecided.
      • Discussion on general topics to emphasize. Betsy used the general topics suggested and identified activities into a general topic.
      • Potential Activities for 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 4/22/20 through 5/24/20 includes 5 Sundays and 1 mid-week event each week for a total of 10 events
        • Plants and Air
          Healthful indoor plants
          Plant trees and native plants
          Demo pollinator information/beekeeping
          Raised bed gardening
        • Water
          Eagle and Condor movie (90 min)
          Farmers Union Canal/Boise City on water contamination
          Water wise plants and landscape design
        • Soil/Sustainable Agriculture
          soil to dirt (preservation of topsoil)
          USDA presenter on current issues in corporate agriculture in Idaho mining issues
        • Waste/Recycling
          Zero Waster Institute
          Boise City Recycling
          Reduce single use plastics/extend existing plastic life before recycling (Claudia)
        • Climate Change
          -Pizza and Poster party to produce signs for rallies, action events
          -CCL En-Roads Policy Solutions Simulator workshop (60-90 min)
          -Letter Writing campaign for specific local issues
          -Presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project (Tyra Benoit)
          -Advent Calendar for Climate Change: could be digital, could include all of our scheduled events
          -Alternative energy processes: parabolic reflector to concentrate sunlight (Dan), residential solar panels,
          -Resource table with static display of various issues, brochures, sign-ups etc.
      • Note:
        • 1. These items need to be confirmed and then fleshed out with a potential date, time length, format, speakers (if applicable), venue, target audience, etc. HOMEWORK – contact Betsy with additions or more information.  This will be the major topic of next month’s CAT meeting.
        • 2. We don’t need to be limited to 10 events. We need to identify 10 events for the Earth Day Anniversary time, but we could continue to schedule events through the summer and fall to continue the awareness and interest.
      • Scheduling:  Could be day or evening or brown bag lunch to reach different segments of fellowship.
      • Formats:  Printed materials, bulletin board and resource table, Facebook or other media messages, presentations (CCL, Climate Reality), demonstrations, film screening, music / liturgy
      • Locations: at BUUF or other venues i.e. Sages 2nd and 4th Thursday 9:30-11AM gathering, Bown Library in SE Boise, etc.
      • Audience: CAT team members, BUUF Members and Friends, Community, plan with partner groups.


Next Meetings (third Sunday after last service)
Sunday, March 15 at 12:45-2pm, Raible Room