BUUF Climate Action Team (CAT), 10/27/19


BUUF Climate Action Team (CAT) Mission:

To plan and implement activities to educate and motivate BUUF members and friends to combat the climate crisis.  Work with partners, such as Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and others, to present solutions, increase awareness and take action in our community and beyond.  8/22/19

Attendees: Dan Bacon, Claudia Fernsworth, Eileen Geddings, Blanca Gerard, Bob, Huntley, Ray Johnson, Rebecca Rodenbush, Jane Rohling, Sharon Rockwood, Dennis Rockwood


  • Sign In/Virtual Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions 
  • Old Business
    • Sept 20 Global Climate Strike  (Dennis) – CAT has a new banner (designed by Jane and Tess – thank you!).
    • Looks like there is another strike in November 29 at noon at the Idaho State House. Someone needs to take the banner down from the bulletin board by Thanksgiving to take to strike (Rockwoods are out of town).
    • November Plate Partner -( Bob) Citizens Climate Lobby will be the Nov. plate partner. Rev. Sara, Lisa Hecht and Nancy Basinger, CCL Boise Chapter Leader speaking on Nov. 3.  Bob asked to have service video and audio taped – Dennis will check on it. 
    • Bob –  Citizens Climate Ad – Help needed, to get the word out and place in more Idaho newspapers. Contact Bob Huntley robertchuntley@gmail.com   Volunteers to hand out 3pages between services on Nov. 3 – Eileen (and husband), Claudia, Ray, Jane – approx. 10:25-11:15. 
    • Climate Experts to Speak
      • Date:  November 20 (Wed.) 7-8:30 pm  Raible Rm.
        • TOPIC:   Citizens Climate Lobby Q&A – informal opportunity to learn about Citizens Climate Lobby Boise Chapter from key volunteers.
        • Panelists-  Roberta D’Amico, Janet McClenahan, Greg Weeks and Nancy Basinger.  Moderated by Dennis Rockwood
        • Open to BUUF Members, friends and the public
      • Date:  December 15 (Sunday) CAT meeting 12:45-1:30 (45 min).  45 min. presentation to CAT team, BUUF members and friends
        • Speaker:  Dan Bacon 
        • Topic:  Alternative Energy Forms.  
      • Date:  Monday, January 27 and Monday, February 10, 2020 7-8:30pm
        • Speaker: Lisa Hecht  –  Carbon Footprint Speaker
          Two-part examination of individual carbon footprint and ways to save money.  BUUF members, friends and public welcome.  Register?
    • Plastic Pollution – Blanca has done more research.  Will contact Zero Waste Market about tabling or speaking at the Nov. 17 CAT meeting.  Also a future “field trip” to learn more about avoiding plastic packaging waste.
    • Green Sanctuary Compliance – Eileen has learned more about past compliance.  Talked to previous group for information.  Will make contact with other ministry teams – inform them about new efforts, ask what activities might apply, help plan future activities that comply with Green Sanctuary guidelines.
    • Bulletin Board – should be up by Sunday, Nov. 3 for the month of November.
  • New Business –
    • Solar panel request- Dennis will follow up with Tom Van Alten and others who did research in the past.  Will report back
    • RE request from Gem Emerson Paige- Jane will contact Gem about activities. Dennis can also help find  Info from UUA.

Next Meetings (third Sunday after last service)

Sunday, November 17 at 12:45-2pm Channing Room

Sunday, December 15 at 12:45-2pm Channing Room