BUUF Climate Action Team (CAT) NOTES: Sunday, July 21, 2019


UUA Climate Action Network – Overall Goals

  1. Your congregation and local community’s carbon footprint is lowered.
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation policy is implemented at the local, national, and international level.
  3. Climate change solutions are socially just.
  4. Your Climate Action Team is actively involved in the CreateClimateJustice.net network.


Dennis and Sharon Rockwood- co-leaders, Dan Bacon, Madonna, Eileen Geddings , Blanca Gerard,  Bob Huntley, Betsy Johnson, Ray Johnson, Jane Rohling, Cathy Sandstrom, Chuck Tate, Liz Tate, Tom von Alton


1.  Light Chalice/Reading – Dennis

2.  Introductions & Reflection (Since our last meeting what have you researched, experienced, or learned about climate change that you would like to share)

Everyone shared topics, research, questions and new information: 

a.  Books/Movies: Weather Machine (also a Netflix video), Clean Disruption by Tony Seba, “Biggest Small Farm,” Harpers magazine “Green New Deal;” Drawdown by Paul Hawken.

b.  UUA CAT information (sign up for info); time factor; extinction of human race; government support of farmers during dust bowl, in ‘50s; immigration; need to focus on the things that can help the most; tree planting innovations; permaculture gardening; Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); plastic use; monthly newsletter articles; unintended consequences; bio fuels; cost of solar panels; letter writing.

3.  One Year Plan updates and interests:

a.  Letter Writing – Chuck provided sample letters, envelopes, address labels for group to use to send letters to the Education Committee of the Idaho State Legislature.  Members of Congress (MOCs) usually only read letters from their ZIP codes.  Chuck will provide letters to other committees next time.

b.  Activities and Events sign-up sheet – group identified areas/topics on the Sign-up Sheet that they will follow up on. See below.

HOMEWORK:  All who signed up (see below) will do research, recruit help and bring a report at the Sept 15 meeting.  Include format of the topic (i.e. speaker, handout, report to committee) and when it fits on our calendar.

4.  Dennis suggests focusing on the sectors below, using the book Drawdown by PaulHawken as a guide. Sectors include:

  • Energy
  • Food
  • Women and Girls
  • Buiilds and Cities
  • Land Use
  • Transport
  • Materials
  • Coming Attractions

Concept – plan for a year of learning and action about each above sector and how they apply to Idaho and beyond.  We can network with experts in the above sectors.

Next Meetings (third Sunday after last service)

August 18 – skip meeting

Sept. 15 – 12:45-2pm in Raible Rm.

To save resources, print or save to your device.

Bring a reusable cup for water.

BUUF Climate Action
Activities / Events
VOLUNTEER SIGN UP July 21, 2019  revised
Topic Name
Create two bulletin boards for North and South lobbies Sharon
Info on The Grove
free-standing kiosks
Jane (Jeanette, Claudia)
Organize informational
event/seminar –
Bob – Sunday service at BUUF and other organizations
Screen film about climate change and climate justice  
Invite climate experts and activists to talk Dan and Chuck
Organize plays or performances with climate theme  
Ask RE to consider
incorporating climate
action into curriculum
Form a book group  
BUUF Green Santuary –
review requirements and
reassess compliance
Eileen, (Tom, Wanda)
Develop youth and young adult community engagement project Jane (Jeanette, Claudia) – invite art for Grove kiosks
Plan to lower individual and congregation carbon
Sharon – invite Lisa Heckt to speak to CAT meeting, explore presenting to fellow-ship as workshop
Partner with other community groups Betsy – will bring a list next meeting
Spread awareness to counter climate disinformation Dan
Sept 20 – Support student school strike  
November Plate Partner – Citizens Climate Lobby Dennis and Sharon
May 2020 – “30 Days for the Earth” (UUA)  
Letters in support of Climate Change policy Chuck
TOPIC/ACTION from May 16 Brainstorm  
International Doctors  
Book Group  
CAT Banner Jane – will design a CAT banner, available 9/20 for Student Strike?  ~$200
Contained Animal Farms (CAF)  
Idaho Specific Climate Issues  
EPA Rules  
Population Control Dan and Ray
Green Jobs  
Tax incentives  
Waste Management  
Dr. Jen Pierce – BSU  
BUUF Website Space Jim Bigelow – will post monthly newsletter articles on website
Plastics (Zero Waste Store)  
Oceans and plastic
Blanca and Dan
“Idaho Matters” KBSX
radio (Gemma Gaudette)
Sell Green Products for
Other Actions / Topics /
Transportation Dennis