Protocols updated October 2022

As of September 29, 2022, Ada County community transmission level for Covid-19 is LOW. (source:

Masks Welcome, but No Longer Required

As we begin to fully emerge from this extended pandemic season into what experts are calling “endemic” mode, your Board and Staff have revised our COVID precautions and protocols. Following our metrics that track community transmission rates, hospital and healthcare capacity, and total number of cases, we feel comfortable taking the next step in reduction of mitigation strategies.

Beginning Sunday, October 2nd face masks are now optional in the sanctuary and classrooms. 

To help support the health of all, we ask our members, friends, and visitors:

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or other illness, or if you have a positive test result for Covid-19 or other virus, please STAY HOME. We invite you to join us for Sunday Worship online. Visit for more information about virtual services.
  • At this time, face masks are optional in the BUUF building. We know that there is a wide range of comfort and practice with regard to mask wearing. We want to assure you that those who choose to wear masks are most welcome. Many of us will continue to do so. Masks are available at BUUF.
  • Stay up-to-date with Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters. Read the latest information and updates from the CDC.
  • If you have been exposed to Covid-19 or have a positive test result, consult the Central District Health isolation and quarantine calculator. Please contact the BUUF office if you test positive for Covid-19 within five days after attending any BUUF meeting or event.

COFFEE HOUR: Each week after service, we invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea in our beautiful new fellowship space. Thank the hospitality team for their service and sign up to volunteer for coffee hour preparation and clean-up. Our coffee space will now be open for indoor gathering as well, but capacity is limited. And we continue to encourage folks to enjoy fellowship time after service outdoors as long as the weather permits to allow for maximum spaciousness and comfort. Please respect others’ physical space as we all have varying levels of comfortability. Thank you.

ENTER, REJOICE, & COME IN! What will Sundays look like now? 

  • When you walk in the door you’ll be greeted by one of our ushers. Find your name tag or request a new one (we know it has been awhile). 
  • Our sanitation stations at each entrance are still available, complete with N95 masks and hand sanitizer for use. 
  • Head into the sanctuary to find a comfortable seat––you’ll notice we’ve added more seats but also more aisles and spaciousness. Say hi to new and familiar faces. Please respect others’ physical space as we all have varying levels of comfortability.
  • Some things that you may be used to may no longer be necessary to fully experience Worship. Printed Orders of Service, hymnals, and offering baskets are currently replaced with greener and healthier options.
  • As we continue to live into this new reality, we are taking things slow. We won’t be singing hymns just yet. And in the meantime, we appreciate all of the diverse music we continue to experience each Sunday.

STAY HEALTHY: Vaccination remains the best way to avoid serious illness if exposed to Covid-19. Many in our community have already received the new bivalent booster shot to help combat the newest variants of the disease. Regardless of vaccination status, contact your health care provider if you develop symptoms or test positive. If you have close contact with someone who is infected, consult the Central District Health isolation and quarantine calculator.

Thank you for your continued support and flexibility as we all navigate these difficult circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our approach to covid mitigation, please contact the office at 208.658.1710, or