BUUF Racial Justice Ministry, 11/14/19

Present: Eileen Oldag, Thomas Neale, Don Stepich, Diane Ryssel, Mary Beth Bolin, Ministerial Intern

Next Meeting: December 10th, 2019 @ 2:00p.m. at BUUF

  1. Announcements:
    1. Cover letter with 8th Principle Resolution to the Board by November 18th, 2019, 5:00p.m. BUUF
    2. RJM Discussion Time 6-7:30p.m. Garden City Library
    3. Collective Thriving Conference December 3rd thru the 5th, 2019.
    4. Implicit Bias: The Good/Bad Binary and Beyond, December 2nd, 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m.
  2. Discussion:
    1. Processed feedback from attendees of the 11/04 White Privilege event. Feedback to consider:
      • Consider asking for “aha” moments as a closing question.
      • Clarify our definitions, compared to others, when beginning a session to reduce misunderstanding and confusion.
      • A congregational read.
    2. Reviewed and revised the cover letter going to the Board with the 8th Principle Resolution.
    3. Congregational read for the Spring. Possibly offer guiding key questions. Relate it to racial justice and equity. Small groups formed for discussion? Diane will follow-up to see how congregational reads have been handled in the past.
    4. Update the current RJM brochure. Add a YouTube or Ted Talk link to each month a program is offered. Possibly offer a middle of the month coffee meeting follow-up to discuss video and the most recent Racial Allyship event.
  3. Upcoming RJM Racial Allyship Program – Implicit Bias – Good/Bad Binary and Beyond
    • Eileen and Diane will co-facilitate
    • Meeting times to plan event 11/19 and 11/21 at 1:30p.m., 11/20 at 3:00p.m.
  4. Racial Justice Ministry Path to Racial Allyship Series: Six programs (1) per month. White people doing white peoples work. Offer a brief overview at beginning of each session with a handout. *Note change to May program.
    1. Dates and topics:
      • 11/04/19 White privilege (Don and Tom)
      • 12/02/19 Implicit bias good and bad binary (Eileen and Diane)
      • 02/02/20 White fragility (Diane)
      • 03/01/20 Intersectionality (Tom)
      • 04/06/19 Systemic racism (Don)
      • 05/04/19 *The Pillars of White Culture (Eileen)
    2. What do you want people to walk away with?
      1. Increased awareness of white privilege
      2. White people need to do the work (understanding this is our job)
      3. Increased awareness of opportunities


  • Don – Will connect with others during the next Social Justice meeting to query regarding opportunities to go and speak to other social justice ministries regarding the RJM.
  • Tom – Help update the RJM brochure.
  • Eileen – Finalize revisions to 8th principle resolution cover letter. Help update the RJM brochure. Preparation for 12/02 RJM series event.
  • Diane – Research BUUF email address for RJM. Learn how congregational reads have been handled in the past. Preparation for 12/02 RJM series.
  • Mary Beth – Attend the 11/18/19 Social Justice meeting.

Ongoing Team Focus:

  • Short videos for discussion
  • 12/02/19 RJM Program
  • 8th principle
  • Recruiting other speakers
  • Advertising Events
  • Fund raising options
  • Offering a book series Waking up White in the spring (Eileen)