BUUF Racial Justice Ministry, 12/10/19

Meeting Minutes, December 10th, 2019 @2:00p.m.

Present: Eileen Oldag, Tom Neale, Don Stepich, Diane Ryssel, Mary Beth Bolin, Ministerial Intern, Rick and Becky Groff

Next Meeting:  January 8th, 2020 @10:00a.m.

  1. Announcements:
    • January 19th, 2020 Sunday message for MLK day by Reverend Sara and mention of 8th Principle status
  2. Discussion:
    • Idea pulled from Collective Thriving Conference to start story circles. A trust building exercise. UUA The Liberation Conversations. Discussed utilizing this tool for story circles.
    • Black History month. Possibly encourage some sort of art project and presentation, perhaps by people of color.
    • Debrief of December 2nd Implicit Bias program:
      • Overall positive reviews from participants
      • Back of room is difficult to hear audio
      • Narrow the subject and offer more time to process
  3. Racial Justice Ministry Path to Racial Allyship Series dates and topics:
    • 11/04/19 White Privilege (Don and Tom)
    • 12/02/19 Implicit Bias/Good and Bad Binary (Eileen and Diane)
    • 02/03/20 White Fragility (Diane)
    • 03/02/20 Intersectionality (Tom)
    • 04/06/20 Systemic Racism (Don)
    • 05/04/20 The Pillars of White Culture (Eileen)


  • Don will work with Jim Bigelow regarding uploading RJM materials online.
  • Tom, Eileen, Don, and Diane will do a small write up for each program in 2020. Simplify titles. Submit to Eileen before Christmas holiday.
  • Diane contact Debra Smith about a congregational read.

Ongoing Team Focus:

Short videos for discussion
Recruiting speakers
Advertising events
Fund raising options
Offering a book series Waking up Whiteand Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving (Eileen)
Story circles
Congregational Read
Discussion groups
Handouts and media sources