BUUF Racial Justice Ministry, 2/6/2020

February 6, 2020 @2:00p.m.

Present:           Eileen Oldag, Tom Neale, Don Stepich, Diane Ryssel, Mary Beth Bolin, Reverend Sara

Next Meeting:  February 19, 2020@11:00a.m.

  1. Announcements:
    Path to Racial Allyship program Intersectionality 3/02/20 6:30-8:30p.m.
  2. Discussion:
    • Overall positive evaluation for White Fragility program. Consider more time for discussion. Encourage couples to split up and mingle with others in order to increase potential for expanded dialogue.
    • Discussion regarding seeking an invitation to put on a presentation for the BUUF humanist group.
    • Group consensus not to continue sponsoring the Changing Spaces Webinar. Nancy will be notified to make note in the bulletin and interested folks will be encouraged to participate individually.
    • Reverend Sara joined the discussion for the Multicultural Transformation Day. Reverend Junipher would facilitate a Saturday workshop, possibly followed with a Sunday message. The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) would be administered to willing participants. Participant costs for workshop would be $30-35.00. May also partner with Magic Valley. Dates selected and to be confirmed: 10/03 and 10/04/20.
    • “The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights offers a Human Rights Certification Program. The program is open to individuals, costs $35, and is completed online. It’s independent learning so it can be completed at your own pace. The program is 36 hours long, including a pre-test, post-test, and 6 one-hour modules with the themes of diversity, inclusion, ethics, civility, respect, and be an upstander. Each module includes 6 ten-minute segments.” (This was a point of discussion and determined that it can be taken individually by anyone interested).
  3. Racial Justice Ministry Path to Racial Allyship Series dates and topics:
    • 11/04/19 White Privilege (Don and Tom)
    • 12/02/19 Implicit Bias/Good and Bad Binary (Eileen and Diane)
    • 02/03/20 White Fragility (Diane)
    • 03/02/20 Intersectionality (Tom)
    • 04/06/20 Systemic Racism (Don)
    • 05/04/20 The Pillars of White Culture (Eileen)

Ongoing Team Focus:
Short videos for discussion
Recruiting speakers
Advertising events
Fund raising options
Offering a book series Waking up White: and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, by Debby Irving (Eileen)
Story circles
Congregational Read
Discussion groups
Handouts and media sources