Climate Action Team, 1/19/20


BUUF Climate Action Team (CAT) Mission:

To plan and implement activities to educate and motivate BUUF members and friends to combat the climate crisis.  Work with partners, such as Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and others, to present solutions, increase awareness and take action in our community and beyond.  8/22/19

Attendees:  Dan Bacon, Linda Barlow, Madonna Burchfield, Eileen Geddings, Blanca Gerard, Rob Ham, Bryan Jennings, Wanda Jennings, Betsy Johnson, Ray Johnson, Dennis Rockwood, Jane Rohling, Cathy Sandstrom, C. Scott Smith, Chuck Tate, Joan Williams


  1. Sign In/Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions 
  2. Special Presentation
    January 19 (CAT Meeting) 12:45-1:30 in  Raible Rm.  ROOTS Zero Waste Market owner, Lea Rainey, spoke about the market’s mission to waste less and live lighter on the planet.  
  3. Old Business
    1. Upcoming Events

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January 27 (Mon) and February 10 (Mon), 7-8:30pm in Raible Room

CUT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT AND $AVE! workshop presented by Lisa Hecht

Lisa Hecht graduated with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, and enjoyed a 30-year career at Hewlett Packard as an engineer, architect, and program manager before retiring.  While at HP, she produced a video to help HP’s suppliers eliminate CFC use.  She has tracked the science of, and solutions to, Climate Disruption, from global to personal levels, since becoming aware of the issue in 1975. In December 2015, she vowed to support Paris COP21 Agreements by halving her personal carbon footprint and achieved that by 2018.  She teaches classes on how others can do the same.

The antidote to scary climate news is personal action. You can start lowering your impact on the climate today, which can also save you time and money, and improve your health.  You’ll get an evidence-based framework that will help you choose the best steps to reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll walk away with your own personalized plan, and learn how to connect with communities moving us all to a cleaner, cooler, smarter world!  BUUF members, friends and public welcome.

Bring your last 12 months of electric and gas bills to determine your carbon baseline and find your biggest opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint. In class one, you’ll learn where your carbon footprint comes from. In class two, you’ll learn where and how you can reduce yours.

Volunteers:  Dennis, Dan, Cathy, Blanca, Betsy  == Greeters, Sign In, Set Up and Clean Up.  **Refreshments- cookies and iced water. 

Next Meetings (third Sunday after last service)

Sunday, February 16 at 12:45-2pm, Channing Room