Climate Action Team, 11/17/19


BUUF Climate Action Team (CAT) Mission:
To plan and implement activities to educate and motivate BUUF members and friends to combat the climate crisis. Work with partners, such as Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and others, to present solutions, increase awareness and take action in our community and beyond. 8/22/19

Attending: Dan Bacon, Blanca Gerard, Betsy Johnson, Sharon Rockwood,
Claudia Fernsworth, Bob Huntley, Jane Rohling, Rachel Strong,
Eileen Geddings, Ray Johnson, Dennis Rockwood, Cathy Sandstrom,
Scott Smith, Jeannette Ross-van Alten, Tom van Alten,` Joan Williams


  1. Sign In/Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions 
  2. Old Business
    1. Status Reports on Homework: 
      Do research, recruit help and bring a report with actions steps to the next meeting.  Include format of the topic (i.e. speaker, handout, report to committee) and when it fits on our calendar (see attached Volunteer Sign-up list for your commitment and the updated CAT Planning Calendar). 
      1. Upcoming Events
        1. November 20 (Wed.) 7-8:30pm Raible Rm. – Citizens Climate Lobby Q&A – informal opportunity to learn about Citizens Climate Lobby Boise Chapter from key volunteers:  Roberta D’Amico, Janet McClenahan, Greg Weeks and Nancy Basinger. 
          Moderated by Dennis Rockwood
          Volunteers:   Refreshments-Eileen and Sharon; Greeters-Blanca and Joan; Set up- Dennis and Sharon; Clean up- Scott, Dennis and Sharon
        2. Friday, Dec 6  noon – Global Climate Strike at the Idaho State Capitol Building
          Sponsored by Boise Sunrise Movement (Dennis)   

          Bulletin Board – Betsy will take down banner and other material before end of November and store components. Claudia and Betsy to take BUUF CAT Banner CAT banner to Climate Strike Dec. 6.
        3. December 15 (Sunday) CAT meeting 12:45-1:30  Channing Rm.  45 min. presentation to CAT team, BUUF members and friends
          Speaker:  Dr. Dan Bacon     
          Topic:  Alternative Energy Forms. 
        4. January 19 (CAT Meeting) 12:45-1:30  Lea Rainey, Owner ROOTS Zero Waste Mkt.  Raible Rm. 
          45 min presentation to CAT at upcoming meeting. All are welcome.
          Invited to set up table between services to “Show and Tell”    Volunteers for set up – Dennis and Blanca (location of table TBD)
        5.  January 27 (Mon) and February 10 (Mon), 2020   7-8:30pm  Speaker: Lisa Hecht  –  Carbon Footprint Speaker  Topic: CUT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT AND $AVE!      
          Two-part examination of individual carbon footprint and ways to save money.  BUUF members, friends and public welcome.  WHERE?????
          # # Volunteers Needed:  Greeters, Sign In, Set Up and Clean Up.  Refreshments- cookies and iced water.  Dennis and Dan…need others.
    2. Other Old Business
      1. Green Sanctuary Compliance – Eileen, Tom and Claudia       Still in process of learning about 2009 submission.  Good information from D. Woito.  Tom – BUUF has observed Earth Day Services 2008-20018.  Claudia-trying to connect with RE about practices in past 10 years.  There is no deadline for this work.  Idea – identify Practices (i.e. recycling, kitchen, cleaning) list best practices in each area. Coordinate with other teams and integrate Board, Bridge Event Center, Building and Grounds and Facilities.  Goal is to improve practices at BUUF, help individuals and community through education.
      2. Auction Special Appeal request – Dennis suggested we table any effort for 2020 and work toward a project that fits the parameters of the award.  Tom mentioned that he got a quote for solar panels in 2016 for $120,000.  That amount is beyond the special appeal cap.
        Rachel will contact Idaho Power to schedule a building wide Energy Audit (free or cost?).  It might determine the next area to save resources.  She and Jim Ruckh are on the Facility team.  John O’Connor heads Grounds Team.  Other ideas were to look at replacing windows based on greatest savings, replacing all lights with LED, water bottle fillers attached to drinking fountains, etc.
      3. RE request from Gem Emerson Paige- Jane is planning to connect.  There is a possibility of an art project using old campaign signs – could be laminated to post on outdoor kiosks. 
  3. New Business –
    1. Tall Banner – Jim Bigelow asking Tess to design for use at rallys/marches.  Perhaps ready at Dec. 6 Climate Strike.
    2. Social Justice Council meetings – Cathy will attend Social Justice Council meeting on December 3 at 6pm.  Eileen will attend the Social Justice Council meeting January 7 @ 6pm.
    3. May 2020 – 30 Days for The Earth – start planning now
      Ideas!  Claudia – Advent Calendar for the month; Claudia-demonstrate how to extend life of toothpaste tubes; Dan- demo a parabolic reflector to concentrate sunlight; Joan/Jane-plant trees or native plants; Jane-demo pollinator information, Dan-healthful indoor plants.
  4. Announcements
    1. Bob – Climate Ad update – still in need of more donors in order to extend the ad to more newspapers. 
  • Next Meetings (third Sunday after last service) Note changes to the meeting rooms –
    • Sunday, November 17 at 12:45-2pm Library Room
    • Sunday, December 15 at 12:45-2pm Channing Room
    • Sunday, January 19 at 12:45-2pm Raible Room

Opening and Closing Reading:

I pledge allegiance
To the Earth of our Beloved Solar System
And to all of her Creatures, for here they dwell,
One Planet, United in Harmony
With Universal Love and Compassion for All.