Climate Action Team, 4/5/20

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF)
Climate Action Team (CAT)
Sunday, April 5, 2020  
Via Zoom teleconferencing


A. Sign In/Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions 

Attendance:  Ty Benoit, Eileen Geddings, Blanca Gerard, Bob Huntley, Betsy Johnson, Dennis Rockwood, Sharon Rockwood, Cathy Sandstrom, Scott Smith.   Claudia Fernsworth and Dan Bacon – listening remotely

B.  Plans for April 22 – May 24: EARTH MONTH (title decided)

1. Climate Reality Project  (Originated w/Al Gore) – Ty Benoit is trained presenter

        a.  1:30-2h presentation,  will do via Zoom format

        b.  7-9pm – May 13 or  20 (Betsy will contact Rachel to determine date)

        d. Sharon will be contact for this event. 

        e.  Ty will send bio and description for promotional purpose

2. Enroads – global climate solutions calculator – presented by CCL Boise Chapter volunteer Greg Weeks

        a.  CCL will provide via Zoom

        b.  May 6 at 7-9pm

        c.  Betsy will be the contact for this event.

        d.  ? will CCL provide Zoom connection or will BUUF?

3. Movie – “The Condor and the Eagle” – 90 min.

        a.  UUMFE plans streaming dates in May TBD

        b.  Sharon will be the contact for this event.

4. What’s Up with the Orange Bag Program? – a Boise City rep (Catherine) will give a 90 min. presentation
a.  April 27 at 7-9pm via Zoom

        b.  Eileen will be the contact for this event.

        c.  Claudia can provide additional information but needs Zoom access.

5. Zero waste Institute – Jillien Eijckelhof, founder and director, – April 21 CANCELLED until after Corona Virus emergency. 

6.  “Earth Month Calendar – Tips for the Earth”, daily tips to share. April 22 – May 24.

        a.  Cathy Sandstrom, Scott Smith, Claudia, Dennis have volunteered to look up tips and send to Cathy at

        b.  Send any more ideas to Cathy and they can be added.  The above event dates and info will be included. 

        c.  Links to other groups and activities will be included – probably link to Jim Bigelow’s Social Justice info on the website. 

7.  “Hike The Divide” – documentary film by Connor DeVane  approx. 2 hrs.  Suggested that it could be promoted for folks to view independently and then schedule a Q&A with Connor DeVane on a specific date. 


               Hike the Divide is a feature-length documentary that follows jaded millennial Connor DeVane 2,700 miles from Canada to Mexico on the Continental Divide Trail as he seeks hope in the face of climate breakdown. The film, structured around a physical journey through environments both harsh and breathtakingly beautiful, shares the stories of the community activists and problem solvers Connor meets, marking a trail from apathy and resignation to hope and engagement. 

               Hike the Divide presents a spectrum of approach to climate solutions, including grassroots community organizing, land restoration to store CO2 in soil, civil disobedience and more. Connor’s journey reminds us what we are capable of, what we stand to lose, and how little we need to thrive; a host of diverse and powerful voices unite not only to pick us up off the floor, but also to shove us out the door to build a better future. 

8.  Climate Emergency Resolution (Dennis forwarded a copy to CAT to check out).  Ty provided this link about Climate Emergency Resolutions in other areas.  “I think it is wonderful that Boise is considering one.  We can reach this reduction here prior to 2045!”

9.  Worship Service by Mary Beth Bolin – on April 19 or April 26 – request that it include Earth Month references.

10.  May 24 “Outdoor Worship” – be thinking of ways we can incorporate Earth Month into that worship serviced (via Zoom or in person – fingers crossed).  Perhaps draw from additional ideas below.

11.  Religious Exploration (RE) – Jane reported that she’s in contact with Gem Emerson Paige about ideas related to RE.  Gem will be added to our email list and will be invited to future meetings, in case she has feedback about ways RE can be involved in Earth Month and beyond.  (Thanks Jane and Gem)


a.  Week of April 6 – get finalized dates, bios and descriptions for promotion.  Sharon will coordinate. Earth Month Calendar – Tips for the Earth – get new ideas to Cathy so it can be revised and formatted for links on Facebook, Website, etc.

b.  Team review the “Hike the Divide” documentary – feedback on idea of promoting and having a follow up with producer.

c.  Week of April 13 – get promotion to BUUF Facebook, BUUF website and ready to send out on BUUF Google Group.  Get promotion to Nancy Harms on Monday for the “Wednesday Gazette.” 

d.  Sharon will contact Rev. Sara and/or Rachel about posting to Facebook and website. Sharon will contact Mary Beth about April 19 or 26 worship service.

C.  NOT TO FORGET – other ideas put forward at previous meetings.  Think about ways to incorporate during April 22-May 24 or later.  (never want to lose great ideas!)  Potential Activities for 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 4/22/20 through 5/24/20 includes 5 Sundays and 1 mid-week event each week for a total of 10 events

Plants and Air

Healthful indoor plants
plant trees and native plants
demo pollinator information/beekeeping
raised bed gardening


Eagle and Condor movie (90 min)
Farmers Union Canal/Boise City on water contamination
Water wise plants and landscape design

Soil/Sustainable Agriculture

Dirt to soil (preservation of topsoil)
USDA presenter on current issues in corporate agriculture in Idaho
mining issues


Zero Waster Institute
Boise City Recycling
Reduce single use plastics/extend existing plastic life before recycling (Claudia)

Climate Change

Pizza and Poster party to produce signs for rallies, action events
CCL En-Roads Policy Solutions Simulator workshop (60-90 min)
Letter Writing campaign for specific local issues
Presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project (Tyra Benoit)
Advent Calendar for Climate Change: could be digital, could include all of our scheduled events
Alternative energy processes: parabolic reflector to concentrate sunlight (Dan), residential solar panels,
Resource table with static display of various issues, brochures, sign-ups etc.


1. These items need to be confirmed and then fleshed out with a potential date, time length, format, speakers (if applicable), venue, target audience, etc.

2. We don’t need to be limited to 10 events. We need to identify 10 events for the Earth Day Anniversary time, but we could continue to schedule events through the summer and fall to continue the awareness and interest.

* * *

  1. Scheduling:  Could be day or evening or brown bag lunch to reach different segments of fellowship.
  2. Formats:  Printed materials, bulletin board and resource table, Facebook or other media messages, presentations (CCL, Climate Reality), demonstrations, film screening, music / liturgy
  3. Locations: at BUUF or other venues i.e. Sages (meetings suspended for now) 2nd and 4th Thursday 9:30-11AM gathering, Bown Library in SE Boise, ZOOM, etc.
  4. Audience: CAT team members, BUUF Members and Friends, Community, plan with partner groups.

Next meetings:

April  19 at 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm  Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 747 640 2862