Climate Action Team, 6/22/2020

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF)
Climate Action Team (CAT)
Monday, June 22, 2020  7:00pm
Via Zoom teleconferencing



A.  Sign In/Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions 

     Attendees: Eileen Geddings, Blanca Gerard, Lisa Hecht, Bob Huntley, Betsy Johnson, Carol Ogburn, Dennis Rockwood, Sharon Rockwood, Jane Rohling, Cathy Sandstrom, Scott Smith, Jessica Specht.

B.  Upcoming CAT Activities

1. Green Sanctuary Projects

    One or two projects in the next year or so will probably be enough to fulfill recertification. CAT team needs additional volunteers to take on specific projects.  Likely that topics during 2020-21 CAT calendar will fit:, water wise garden, RE art involvement, etc.

    a.  Some actions can be explored and implemented when in-person services resume.

    b.  Roof Top Solar for BUUF building: should be revisited; perhaps Tom von Alten would take this on.  Rachel Strong wondered if BUUF might consider solar panels.

    c.  Eileen asks for others who can work with her for recertification. Recruit members of the congregation to lead and/or participate.

2.  CAT Calendar Planning for 2020-21

    NOTE:  Scott said it is unlikely that BUUF will have in-person services by the end of the calendar year.  UUA sent guidelines that indicated May 2021.  Issue is risk of BUUF staff and congregants.  We should plan for virtual meetings.

a.  Solar Energy:  Roof top solar/solar farms/community solar.  [Dan Bacon’s solar energy information was sent to BUUF Bulletin group and put on BUUF Facebook group in late May.]

          Harriett Shaklee replied:  I have a solar array installed by Empowered Solar, a small company with a strong social mission. Co-founders, Leah and Tyler Victorino attended BUUF for a while and would likely give a Zoom talk to the group.  They also do some cool international work you might like to hear about.  For more information: 

    Harriet Shaklee 

          Lisa Hecht mentioned that Linda Engle, CCL in Pocatello recently commented on community solar project in that area. Also Idaho Power provides electricity in E. Idaho.

b.  Water Wise and Sustainable Gardening: an area at BUUF, at home, in community

    Jane will contact Diane Jones (BUUF member) who owns Dragonwings Nursery to explore. Carol is working with BUUF’s Outdoor Sanctuary team (John O’Connor is team lead) and volunteered to work with Jane to explore and bring suggestions to next meeting.

c.  Religious Education Art Project:  Jane and Claudia have reached out to Gem about some possible ways to showcase kids’ art on the property.  Teaching environmental issues including pollinators.  Waiting to hear back from Gem.

d.  Climate Book Club:  Ty Benoit suggested starting a Climate Book Club. She volunteers to lead. Discussion about relating climate crisis issues to other social justice issues.  CAT members interested in participating.  Sharon will contact Ty about ways to begin.  Bob is concerned that education not overshadow taking action on the climate crisis.

e.  Idaho Elected Officials’ Position on Environment:  Dennis explored US Senators and Representatives’ positions on their websites.  Jane mentioned a person running for ID State House with strong background on environmental issues.  She plans to contact the League of Conservation Voters for information they have on candidates.  How do we plan to highlight positions on environment of Idaho Legislators in the area up for reelection?  Dennis will contact Walt Minnick (BUUF member) for his recommendation on ways to implement (letter writing/email campaign; visits with State Legislators; letters to the editor).  CCL Boise Chapter may have information to share.   Idea: send messages of support to governor and others when they take action on behalf of the environment. 

f.  100% Renewable Energy Pledge by Boise, Ada County, Canyon County, Eagle, etc.  Publicize and endorse. Need someone to review and suggest appropriate actions.

g.  Social Justice Plate Partners:  Citizens Climate Lobby has been selected again this year.  When month is determined, invite CCL leaders to participate in the service again.  Lisa Hecht has volunteered to sing for us again.  CAT should be sure environmental organizations are included each year.

8)  Earth Month in 2021:  the CAT would like to bring more great presenters and ways to get involved to BUUF on a month TBD.  Sharon and Dennis have asked to meet with Rev. Sara about scheduling.

9)  Agriculture Topic:  consider a way to present this topic centered on Idaho. 


          July 20 (Monday) at 7:00 pm via Zoom TBD (Third Monday)             


1.  Ideas for consideration from March 2020

Plants and Air
Healthful indoor plants
plant trees and native plants
demo pollinator information/beekeeping
raised bed gardening
Farmers Union Canal/Boise City on water contamination
Water wise plants and landscape design
Soil/Sustainable Agriculture
Dirt to soil (preservation of topsoil)
USDA presenter on current issues in corporate agriculture in Idaho
mining issues
Reduce single use plastics/extend existing plastic life before recycling (Claudia)
Climate Change
Pizza and Poster party to produce signs for rallies, action events
CCL En-Roads Policy Solutions Simulator workshop (60-90 min)
Letter Writing campaign for specific local issues
Advent Calendar for Climate Change: could be digital, could include all of our scheduled events
Resource table with static display of various issues, brochures, sign-ups etc.

2.  Another Idea: 
take the Project Drawdown Solution (below); 
            find presenter, film, source to discuss;
                        scale to individual or BUUF action;
                                    perhaps have follow-up discussion on results.

Drawdown Top Ten Solutions To Reverse Climate Change
1.  Refrigerant Management
2.  Wind Turbines (Onshore)
3.  Reduced Food Waste
4.  Adoption of a Plant-Rich Diet
5.  Tropical Forest Restoration
6.  Educating Girls
7.  Family Planning
8.  Solar Farms
9.  Silvopasture (forest grazing)
10. Rooftop Solar