Climate Action Team Meeting, 9/15/19

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF)

Climate Action Team (CAT)

Sunday, September 15, 2019



UUA Climate Action Network – Overall Goals

  1. Your congregation and local community’s carbon footprint is lowered.
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation policy is implemented at the local, national, and international level.
  3. Climate change solutions are socially just.
  4. Your Climate Action Team is actively involved in the network.

Attendees: Dan Bacon, Claudia Fernsworth, Eileen Geddings, Blanca Gerard, Betsy Johnson, Ray Johnson, Scott Smith, Janette Young, Jim Nicholson, Susie Nicholson, Rob Ham, Bob Huntley, Catherine Fitch, Joan Williams, Dennis Rockwood, Sharon Rockwood


1. Sign In/Virtual Chalice Lighting/Reading/Introductions  – Great to have new folks at the meeting. You are welcome and we look forward to working with you.

2. Old Business

a. Status Reports on Homework: 

     Do research, recruit help and bring a report with actions steps to the Sept 15 meeting.  Include format of the topic (i.e. speaker, handout, report to committee) and when it fits on our calendar (see attached Volunteer Sign-up list for your commitment and the updated CAT Planning Calendar). 

1)  Sept 20 Global Climate Strike  (Dennis) – CAT has a new banner (designed by Jane and Tess – thank you!). Rev. Sara and BUUF folks will meet at the Capitol Building on the West side (8th St.) of the lower steps on Friday, Sept 20 at noon.

2)  November Plate Partner -( Bob) Citizens Climate Lobby will be the Nov. plate partner. Rev. Sara and Lisa Hecht will sharing the sermon on Nov. 3 and Nancy Basinger, CCL Boise Chapter Leader, will introduce the organization.  There will be related readings, etc.  Lisa is also an opera singer and may participate in the music.

3)  Invite Climate Experts to Speak (Dan and Chuck) –

Speaker:  Dan Bacon has spent 20 years teaching environmental science and worked in the field of water quality. 

Topic:  Alternative Energy Forms.  He would prepare a PowerPoint which can share on Google Drive.  Emphasis will be on action folks can take themselves.

     ACTION: Dan to send title and description to Dennis and Sharon

Format:  2 hr. evening presentation – 1 hr. presentation, 30 min. Q&A  Open to the public. 

    ACTION Sharon will check with BUUF calendar about possible dates in November.  Will also check on dates in Jan/Feb.

4)  Plastic Pollution – Blanca would like to explore Plastic Pollution.  Will discuss with Dan and continue to collect information.  Aim to present to the congregation in the future.

5)  Carbon Footprint Speaker – Lisa Hecht is providing a two-part presentation (Sept 23 and 30) through Boise Schools Community Education

          Presenter: Lisa Hecht has agreed to present at BUUF


                Description:  Move towards energy independence from polluting fossil fuels, and save yourself time and money! You’ll discover your biggest opportunities to cut your energy use, energy bills, and wasted time. You’ll start with a baseline of your current usage, and walk away with a plan to cut your usage. Bring a copy of your last 12 months’ electric and gas bills to class to get started. Students will get a FREE brochure summarizing the book, Cooler, Smarter.

          Format:  2 1.5 hr presentations with possible “check-in” gathering to compare savings.  Open to the public. Partner with other groups.

          ACTION: Sharon will check with the Church Calendar for possible evening dates in Jan/Feb/Mar.

6)  Green Sanctuary Compliance – Eileen, Tom and Claudia 

Action steps have been identified.  Some key BUUF members have been away and need to be consulted about the original designation.  More at the next meeting.

7)  Partner organizations – Betsy 

It will be easier to approach other churches, groups with information about a presentation.  Ideas are Catholic, Methodist, Elizabeth Greene has contacts, ask Tess who she knows about.  More next meeting.

8)  Bulletin Board – Sharon

Sharon has gotten permission to put up a bulletin board on Climate Action Team and Citizens Climate Lobby during the month of November.  Betsy and Susie said they will help. 

9)  Population Control – Dan suggests looking at the “footprint” by considering how many “feet” make up the population of the countries of the world.  Visit UN Population Projections to increase your own knowledge and check your assumptions.

3.  New Business – none

4. Announcements

     Bob – Climate Ad  — Citizens Climate Ad has reached 65,000+ circulation by ads on September 1 in Idaho Statesman and on September 8 in Idaho Press.  Help needed, to get the word out and place in more Idaho newspapers. Contact Bob Huntley

5. Closing Reading

Next Meetings (third Sunday after last service)

NOTE:  Changed October’s meeting date to…

Sunday, October 27 (fourth Sunday) at 12:45-2pm Channing Room

Sunday, November 17 at 12:45-2pm Channing Room

Sunday, December 15 at 12:45-2pm Channing Room