May 2016 Congregational Meeting Minutes

We had an excellent Congregational Meeting this year! To see the approved budget or Rev. Sara’s awesome power point, click download below. To see the awesome notes our Secretary Gywn Reid took, see below.

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Minutes – Annual Congregational Meeting

May 15, 2016

4:00 p.m.

6200 Garrett Street

Garden City, Idaho


Susan Langley, President, chaired the meeting. Gwyn Reid, Secretary, took the minutes. 80 members participated (quorum requirement was 61 members)


Action Number Description Notes
Motion 20160515-1 Approve Agenda Moved Sarah Bratley/ second Suzanne Woodcock. Passed by unanimous voice vote.
Motion 20160515-2 Approve slate of Board Members and Nominating Committee Members

Officer Positions for the Board of Directors – 2016-2017:


Vice President (1 year) – Matthew Sabin

President (1 year) – Lori Watsen

Past President (1 year) – Susan Langley

Secretary (3 year) – Gwyn Reid


Director Position for the Board of Directors:


Director #1 (3 years) – George Raino


Nominating Committee Members:


Member #1 (3 years) – Tony Zornik

Member #2 (3 years) – Jeanie Scepka


Moved Teresa Wood, Nominating Committee / Second Susie Hardy


Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Motion 20160515-3 Approve Jim Lyons to fill the vacancy of Jane Zornik on the Boise Unitarian Unversalist Fellowship Endowment Committee Moved – Susan Langley / second Patti Raino

Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Motion 20160515-4 Accept 2016-2017 Operating Budget. Moved – Bob Huntley / Second George Raino. Passed by unanimous voice vote.