December 2016 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

December 15, 2016

BUUF Library

6200 Garrett Street, Garden City, Idaho


Board Members:  Sarah Bratley, Craig Raese, Gwyn Reid, Lori Watsen, Marcia Lyons, Linden Boice, George Raino

Via Video:  Matthew Sabin

Not Present:  Sue Langley


Other:  Reverend Sara LaWall


Board Member(s) Not Present: George Raino


Action Number Decision Notes
Motion 201612151 Accept Consent Agenda

o Minutes – November 17, 2016 Board Meeting

o Treasurer’s Report

o   Minister’s Report

o   PMC Report

o   Director of Religious Exploration Report, including addendum

o   President’s Report


Move to Accept with two verbal additions for Minister’s Report ((1) Switching janitorial companies – monthly fees will go up; (2) Procured video copyright license) and delete PMC Report (not received).  Sue Langley

Seconded (Craig Raese) and passed by unanimous voice vote



6:50    Business Meeting

  • Consent Agenda – Vote Required (10 minutes)
    • Minutes – November Board Meeting
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Minister’s Report
    • PMC Report
    • Director of Religious Exploration Report
    • President’s Report
    • Questions/Discussion of Consent Agenda Items


7:00     Discussion Items


Government Task Force – Review & discuss Church Membership Policy, Governance Process Policy, Sections GP 1.4 – GP   (30 minutes)


7:30      Break



  • Beginning Budget Discussion (15 minutes)

What are key mission-driven things we want to accomplish and prioritize?

How can we facilitate and encourage a mission-driven budget process?


  • Ends Evaluation Discussion: (15 minutes)

What would be in place, what would be happening that would make us as a board feel confident to say that BUUF has achieved “exemplary” status of achieving our two Ends statements of focus?

  • A congregation of integrity – where we apply transparency in our governance and ministry in order to build trust and to preserve the integrity of our democratic process.
  • A welcoming community – with easily discoverable pathways to participation for newcomers and others who seek to deepen their engagement.


  • Denominational Connections (10 minutes)
    • How can we involve congregation in UUA elections? GA? How should we recruit, encourage, support attendance and select/assign delegates?


  • World Café – Topic Brainstorming (5 minutes)


  • Executive Session (10-15 minutes)


  • Adjourn