December 2019 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting
Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
December 19, 2019
6200 Garrett St., Garden City, Idaho 83714

Present: Board Members: Tom von Alten, Elaine Daly, Rachel Murphy, Elizabeth Pirie, Cathy Sherman, Scott Smith, Harriet Shaklee, Sue Stadler

Also Present: Cathy Sherman, Bill Reid, Sue Langley as members of the ESTF

Several congregants attended to hear news of the Asylum seeker

Board Action20191219-1Accept Consent AgendaMoved: Rachel Second: Scott Pass 8 Yes, No 0, 0 Abstentions Voice vote
Board Action20191219-2Adopt the proposal from the Personnel Committee to increase Rachel Strong’s salary (to $35,900).Moved: Tom Second: Rachel Pass 8 Yes, No 0, 0 Abstentions Voice vote

Presentations to the Board

1.Asylum seeker report – Scott

Scott spent 7 hours at ICE in Boise. The asylee, Romel, is out on bond. He has a merit hearing tomorrow (12/20/19); he has applied for it to be delayed to have time to build a better case. New hearing may be 1/21/20. Romel will be able to check in, etc. at the office in Boise. If all goes well, he will be coming to Boise Sat. 12/21 at 3:00 with Rev. Sara.

2.Engaging Space Task Force (ESTF) – Sandy

A summary report and statistics were provided ahead of the Board meeting.

The written report was summarized with a few comments. It was noted that the Douglas property was not discussed much because it in itself does not need improvement; it is a possible solution to needs.

Harriet asked about congregational growth estimates and comparison to other comparable churches.

The desired result of the Jan. 2020 meeting is to make sure people are heard, and to generate creative and interesting ideas.

Sandy asked if AGD needed anything from the task force; it does not seem so at this time.

Discussion Items

  • ESTF

The decision-making discussion will be postponed until February after full feedback has been received i.e. the Town Hall meeting in Jan. The most controversial item at this time seems to be the question of a sanctuary. Another item of concern is the possible need and cost of electrical wiring if any building/remodeling is done.

  • Personnel Committee recommendation for Rachel Strong’s salary

The proposal from the Committee was provided ahead of the Board meeting.

Tom reviewed the overall impact this, along with other personnel changes, will have to the budget. It results in a net increase to revenue of $4,783. Addendum 12/23/19: Tom reported that a subsequent review of the budget revised the increase to $4,283.

  • 501-3c status

Although as a church BUUF is, by default, a non-profit entity, we do not have a 501-3c “letter” that shows us as recognized in the government database. The UUA has a letter that is sometimes used by congregations (with or without prior approval from UUA is not known); BUUF’s request to use it for the Asylum Seeker project was denied. Tom will ask the UUA about why they allow use of their letter in some instances and not in others, and if they would consider obtaining a blanket letter for all Fellowships to use. BUUF can also pursue getting its own 501-3c “letter”. In general, the Board supported the possibility. More information/cost is needed. Tom will research and present to the Board next month.

  • Review of the mid/long-term strategic plan and next steps

Scott clarified that the ask was to review the strategic plan to see if BUUF is on track/making progress? The suggestion was to reconvene the task force for a brief review and provide a short, written report to the Board. Cathy suggested inviting others that might want to be involved. Rachel will write communications to the congregation and task force members.