December 2021 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

December 16, 2021


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Sarah Cox, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Debbie Johnson, Jenna Raino, Cathy Sherman,  Scott Smith, Mark Zimmerer

Also Attending:

Rev. Sara LaWall

ActionNumberDescription    Notes
Motion20211216-1Accept Consent Agenda (no President’s report)Moved: Scott S. Second:  Tom v. Motion Carried                                                       
Motion20211216-2Approve LGBTQ Resolution as written.Moved: Scott S. Second:  Tom v. Motion Carried                                                       
Vote20211216-3Adjust re-opening guidelines for in-person services.Item 1 – Yes vote Item 2 – Yes vote Item 3 – No vote  
Motion20211216-4Allow regular choir rehearsals and singing with safety measures at in-person services.Moved: Jenna R. Second: Mark Motion carried  

Discussion Items

  • Covid update

A different source was consulted as it seems the former source was not updated timely. However, the general direction of the statistics available are similar.  Although the overall measurements (confirmed cases, test positivity, hospitalizations, etc.) are not looking too bad, Omicron is confirmed in Ada County. A surge in cases is expected because of the holidays.

  • Worship Team proposal for in-person services beginning January 16, 2022.

The proposal called for some changes to the current re-opening guidelines. It included three parts addressing total allowed capacity in the sanctuary, total allowed capacity in the north wing classroom, and adjusting the proof of vaccination requirement.

A main concern of the Board was having an “expectation” of vaccination rather than “proof” of vaccination: which to enact and how to handle it for pre-registered attendees and for walk-ins.

Who will be responsible to check at the door and handle newcomers that will not know about attendance limits and requirements?

A suggestion was made that N95 masks be required and provided by BUUF if needed.

*Vote 20211216-3: The three parts of the proposal were voted on separately:

  1. Increase the sanctuary capacity to 80 participants plus staff and leaders (up to 90 people total).

Vote to approve.

  • Increase the capacity in the northwing classroom to 20.

Vote to approve.

  • Consider adjusting the proof of vaccination requirement to an expectation rather than requiring a passport or other physical proof.

Vote to not approve; current requirement policy will remain.

An additional request was made by the Music Director to allow regular choir rehearsals and singing during in-person services following all guidelines.

*Motion made (20211216-4): Accept the proposal with the additional requirement that masks made specially for singing performances be used(provided and paid for by BUUF), and proof of vaccination be required as stipulated in the previous Worship Team Proposal vote.

  • BUUF Financials – Tabled until future meeting due to lack of time.

Action Items

  • LGBTQ Resolution

                *Motion made (20211216-2): Approve resolution as written.