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BUUF Mission: We are an inclusive religious community–lifting hearts, broadening minds and honoring the interconnected web of life.

BUUF Vision:  We are a caring community promoting and providing robust religious and intellectual exploration opportunities for children, youth, and adults.  We offer creative and inspirational opportunities for worship. We nurture spiritual and personal growth and transformation, foster diversity by reaching out to different communities, and practice justice as individuals and as a community.

BUUF’s strategic plan, affirmed by our congregation in 2018, seeks to fulfill our mission and vision through strengthening spiritual connections, transforming the world through social justice making, and creating engaging space.  Opportunities for strengthening spiritual connections with one another include revitalized adult education, QUEST III, new and revitalized small group ministries, and bringing in our 2019-20 ministerial intern, Mary Beth Bolin.  Justice making work is visible and active every week.  It includes the Climate Action Team, Refugee and Immigrant Ministry, Asylum Seeker Hosting project, Interfaith Sanctuary Meal Team, legislative advocacy and more.

The Engaging Space Task Force (ESTF) was created by the BUUF Board to “craft and carry out a discernment process about our fellowship’s ‘home’ and property in order to help BUUF’s campus fully support its mission, vision, and values going forward.”   Since January, 2019, the ESTF has gathered information on how our BUUF campus–indoors, outdoors, and the Douglas property–can best support our strategic plan. In addition to maintenance and repair, how can we use, expand, or modify our physical spaces where we come together to worship, connect, and engage in justice making?  How can the Douglas property best support our mission and vision? How can we make our spaces more inviting, sacred, functional, and environmentally sustainable?

After gathering data from many individuals and resources, the ESTF developed a list of projects that could enhance our current space to better support our mission, vision and strategic plan.  We need input from everyone at BUUF to prioritize possible building projects and make them happen.  In early 2020 the task force will make a recommendation to the Board concerning any significant action related to the campus and will be involved in board/congregation education prior to any vote at the May 2020 annual meeting.

Information presented at our workshops on October 6 and October 13 is available at this link:

ESTF Presentation ESTF Presentation Images

Your input is important!!  Whether you are a member or a friend of BUUF, we hope you will take the time to fill out this survey.  Thank you!

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