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“How to Dismantle an Empire and What Happens When We Become the Romans”

We live in a time of empire. Our Unitarian faith is based on the Judeo-Christian tradition, a narrative that is rooted deeply in the struggle against empire. Jesus was a protestor, a countercultural force that spoke to the disinherited. His apostle, Paul, took up the charge and planted the seeds of a movement to rebel against an empire. And then that faith – then called Christianity – became the empire. So too happened on our shores, a fledgling revolution created a country that would herald the American Empire. In our daily routine, how do we embrace the empire with its convenience, its charity, and our patient consent? Have we lost The Way. What’s our responsibility to overcome our own convenience for the sake of empowering others? For shirking off charity in the name of transformational change? How can we turn an age of empire into a time of rebellion?

Live service via zoom with Rev. Sara LaWall; Wyatt Schroeder, sermon; Jenny Willison Hirst, music

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Meeting ID: 982 807 5151

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August 2
10:00 am
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