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Through This We Live

Dr. Cutler will share Lakota/Dakota traditional culture, its values, beliefs, and rituals as he learned and experienced them. Specifically, he will provide a brief overview of the Inipi ceremony including some specifics on materials, meanings of the fire/altar/lodge, how an individual comes to be qualified to pour water. He will also share some Taku Wakan (things that are holy) and some Inipi Olowan (sweat songs) with Fellowship members and friends. Liz Mummey (Assiniboine), a member of the Native American Coalition of Boise, will share one of her oral tradition stories with the children entitled Why the Bear Has a Short Tail. After the candle is extinguished at the end of the service, we will invite everyone (adults and children) to take part in a friendship round dance.

Service Information

August 22, 2010
9:15 am
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Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall
6200 N Garrett St
Boise, ID 83714 United States
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