The BUUF Board of Directors is initiating our second absentee voting process as allowed by our by-laws (article IV section 7b). We hope to make this Absentee Voting Process an annual event each fall, allowing us the flexibility to be responsive to the issues of our time and the business needs of this Fellowship beyond the mandated annual meeting in May.  A fall process also offers us the opportunity to connect to justice issues brought forth during the Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual General Assembly. Absentee voting recognizes the many commitments and time constraints in our lives and creates a process that maximizes voter participation while inviting input and discussion free from the quorum requirements of an in-person meeting (the absentee vote itself will still require a quorum of votes).

If you have any questions after reading this page in its entirety, please contact board member Harriet Shaklee.

Before the Vote

This fall, two resolutions are being considered. The first concerns (in general terms) the treatment of immigrant, refugee and asylum seekers. The second is an addition to our seven UU principles.  This resolution outlines the rationale for adding a new principle where we pledge to work to acknowledge and dismantle racism and oppression in ourselves and our institutions.

Resolution Drafts

Helpful information specific to the Dismantling Racism Resolution & Proposed 8th Principle:

Resolution Feedback Day – Sunday, October 27, 12:45pm – 2:45pm

The Social Justice Council, will host a Congregational Gathering on Sunday, October 27th from 12:45pm – 2:45pm to facilitate discussion, feedback, and amendments for each of the resolutions. Snacks will be provided and childcare will be available.

This gathering is the opportunity for you to offer clear feedback. We will ask you to consider the following questions, “Can I vote for this resolution as written? If not, what would you need to change to make it okay?” Members of the Social Justice Council will be available to answer questions and facilitate discussion of each resolution. The assembled participants will be invited to take a straw poll on any proposed major changes. It is our intention that before we leave the gathering all participants will know what changes to expect in the final drafts when voting begins.

After Feedback Day

The final draft of the resolutions (with incorporated changes from the gathering) will be presented to the Board of Directors at their regular November meeting (per our by-laws, the board determines the final wording of the resolution).

Absentee Voting Info


Voting will take place in Early December (dates TBD). The final draft of the resolutions will be sent via email with the link to the online ballot. Members of the Social Justice Council will be available each Sunday during the voting period to answer questions about the resolutions and to assist with online voting. Paper copies of resolutions and the ballot will be available on Sundays, in the BUUF office, or by mail (if requested).

Voter Access

While all are encouraged to be part of the discussion and feedback gathering, only members may vote. If you are considering becoming a member (or aren’t sure), please contact Tess Veto, Membership Coordinator.


A quorum of votes (20 % of our membership) will be required for the vote to be considered valid. In order for each resolution to pass, a majority of that quorum must vote in favor.

21st Century Church

Our Absentee Voting Process is still an experiment; an opportunity for this fellowship to try something new. Your board is taking an innovative approach to considering and passing resolutions rather than calling for an additional congregation meeting, which gets minimal attendance. Recognizing the competing demands on our time and the opportunities of technology, we asked the question, how can we invite feedback and discussion from those most interested in the issue(s) and make it easy for the full membership to vote? We welcome your feedback as we continue to refine this process for the future..

If you have any questions after reading this page in its entirety, please contact board member Harriet Shaklee.