Join us for our annual meeting via zoom when we gather to celebrate our 5th principle, our democratic freedom as a community, and vote on new board members, our budget for the coming year, and a change to our bylaws.

As a church community governed by the congregation, this meeting is your chance to exercise your vote. If you are a member, please join us.  Children will attend their own Children’s Annual Meeting with Gem in their Sunday zoom room.

Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 11:15am after worship via Zoom.

2020 Annual Mtg AGENDA (Download Here)

Action Items for Meeting

  • Election of Board Officers/Directors and Nominating Committee Members – The following slate of candidates was submitted by the Nominating Committee to begin service in June 2020

Officer Positions for the Board of Directors:
Vice President (1 year) – Sarah Cox
President (1 year) – Scott Smith
Past President (1 year) – Rachel Murphy

Director Positions for the Board of Directors:
Director (3 years) – Eileen Geddings
Director (3 years) – Mark Zimmerer

Nominating Committee Members:
Member #1 (3 years) – Damien Alambra
Member #2 (3 years) – Debra Smith
Member #3 (Filling vacancy; 1 year) – Cynthia Alleman

  • Election of Endowment Committee Members – The following candidates are submitted by the BUUF Board of Directors:

Member #1 (3 years) – Sandy Cruise
Member #2 (3 years) – Julia Pope

This year, to accommodate the Zoom structure, members will be asked to provide written confirmation of attendance using the Chat function of Zoom so that a quorum can be verified. Instructions will be provided at the beginning of the meeting.