Chalice Circles are small group ministries in which people are invited to meet with one another regularly to discuss topics of spiritual, theological, cultural, and philosophical interest. Chalice Circles create deeper ties and connections between people. Chalice Circles are provided with an inspiring curriculum of questions and ideas meant to challenge us and stimulate discussion and sharing. The next cycle of Chalice Circles will start in Fall 2016.

Contemplative Practice Group follows a very UU form of centering prayer based on all of our UU sources. If you are looking for a way to start your day with a clear mind, Centering Prayer might be just the thing for you. Outwardly, centering prayer looks similar to mindful meditation, but varies in that it provides a word, phrase, or short reading for contemplation during a period of restful silence. The health benefits of centering prayer are similar to other forms of meditation. Come join us in the Balasz room every Tuesday morning at 9:00am. We finish our practice by 9:30. The time is short and sweet, but long enough to clear your mind and start your day fresh.

Creating Compassionate Community are closed covenant groups whose purpose is to create genuine community through learning and practicing compassionate communication based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg. Members make a minimum of four month (renewable) commitment to participate and new members are regularly accepted. Contact Louise Jacobsen for more information,

Men’s Covenant Group is a small group ministry which provides an opportunity to get to know people through spiritual discussion. The covenant provides an opportunity to get to know people, to share feelings with other men, to be involved in the fellowship in more than a committee, and to talk to other men about things that are meaningful. Drop-ins welcome. Meets the first, third and fifth Tuesdays of each month, 7:00-9:00pm in the Balazs Room. Contact for more information.

Pagan/Nature Spirituality Covenant Group meets the 2nd Friday of each month in the Library, 7:00-9:00pm. Join this group to explore the wisdom of the ancients, ancient continuing pagan religions, and reverence for Nature. Contact Debbie Espen for more information,

Quest: A Spiritual Journey is a 19 month program that consists of six weekend retreats, monthly meetings, spiritual practice guidance, and the formation of close relationships with other participants. It was created to help Unitarian Universalists seek a deeper understanding of and commitment to their spiritual journey. It is a journey we take alone — one that is strengthened by those who walk with us in community. It is comprised of inward thought and outward deed. It is a journey toward wholeness, holiness, and peace.

While the second Quest group has already begun their journey you are welcome to inquire about the program. Your expression of interest will help assure that the program continues in to the future. Contact Jay Wechselberger or Patricia Heeb for more information,