Fill the House

Information and Answers to FAQs 
In support of our December Plate Partner, CATCH (Charitable Assistance for The Community’s Homeless), we are adopting two CATCH families for the holidays. They have given us specific wishlists which we are asked to fulfill to the best of our abilities. There are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount spent, but they ask that clients are not given any used items. Clients make their lists knowing that they won’t receive every gift on their list as these are wishlists. Beginning Sunday, November 26th we will have a “Fill the House” display at each entrance with specific gift tags for each item requested. We will collect items through December 10th. All items must be wrapped. In addition to specific items for each family member, the families request some basic household supplies: dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo & conditioner, towels, ect. Food and gas cards are also welcome and needed. Below are the families’ wishlists:

Family 1: Marilyn, Sonia, and Tyson (boy, 3 years old)

General: Diapers (size 6), wipes, toilet paper, shampoo & conditioner, bubble bath, bar soap, dish soap, laundry detergent.

Marilyn: Adult coloring books, colored markers/gel pen set for adults, winter boots (size 8.5), makeup set.

Sonia: A lot of picture frames (9×11)

Tyson: Tablet of GameBoy (with games), toy cars, coat (medium), shirt (5-6T), pants (5-6T or 6-7T), shoes (10T)

Family 2: David, Tiffany, and Corey (girl, 13 years old)

General: Food, shampoo & conditioner, laundry soap, dish soap, household cleaners, movies, speed sensor for ’99 Beetle VW.

David: Shoes (size 11), Winter gear like long johns, socks, and thermals (shirt size XL, pants size 36), tools of any sort.

Tiffany: Towels, dishes (bowls, silverware, cups), toaster, crock-pot

Corey: Movies, young adult books, longboard, clothes (shirt size juniors L, pant size 1 (long legs)), shoes (size 7.5), makeup, art supplies, iPhone (any model), big hoodie,  sweatpants, joggers, candy, Rick & Morty themed stuff.

Home Baskets 

Also in support of our December Plate Partner, CATCH, Inc., we hope to fill 4 or more household themed baskets. These baskets with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and cleaning supplies will be distributed by CATCH, Inc. to families who welcome and need them.

Giving Tree

As we do every year, we will again host our own Giving Tree. This tree will be located at the North entrance and will be fill with stars asking for gift cards to Winco and Fred Meyer. Take a star, purchase a gift card, drop it off in the wood box in the office. Boise UU staff distribute these gift cards throughout the year to those in need.

If you have any questions about Holiday Giving this year, please contact our social justice and membership coordinator at