Our LIVE event on April 26, 2021 featured Chef Michael Alvarado and his able assistant, Rev. Sara, going Mexican, and featuring:

Jamaican Mule – Enjoy a refreshing ginger cocktail to set the tropical mood.

Hearts of Palm Ceviche’ – Cheater cheater—there’s no fish in this ceviche! You’ll love not only the fresh flavor but how quickly it comes together. The hearts of palm (try 3), quartered, give a nice appearance since no fish is used in this version. Also use an English cucumber, as it is less watery.

Vegan Posole (aka Alvarado’s One Pot Wonder) – You might need to visit an ethnic market to get dried chili peppers, but that will be a fun adventure, too. Use what you have, was Chef Michael’s recommendation.  If you don’t have hominy, you can use grits.  Corn is possible, too, but will add more sweetness and isn’t the same texture as hominy.

Rev. Sara began by explaining that Meatless Monday is an international campaign based on the effort to go meatless and thereby help reduce carbon emissions.

Get ingredients from our shopping list if you want to try it at home!

There was a lot of chopping of vegetables in this session!  We also learned:

  • In cooking (and in life), everyone learns by making mistakes.
  • Use sharp knives, especially for cilantro so it doesn’t bruise.
  • Soak sliced red onions in water to stop color bleeding.
  • Traditional is the way grandmother made it, but you can still have it be authentic by using a lot of the same ingredients.
  • Yellow onions are good for cooking, then you can use white ones for toppings.

Buen provecho!

Our vegan cooking archive includes another tasty show:

Meatless Monday: A Night in Sorrento

Kale Caesar – Michael’s vegan dressing whips up quickly and may become your new favorite.

Fettuccini Alvarado – Pasta in a heart-healthy sauce so rich and creamy you won’t miss the butter or cheese.

Strawberry Short Stack – The whipped coconut cream makes this light dessert feel like a guilty pleasure.

Get the ingredients from our shopping list and cook along with Chef Michael!