1) For White folks: Acknowledge that we live in a “white supremacy” culture and that we benefit, in tangible ways on a daily basis, from being part of that culture. 

2) Join the ongoing conversation about the benefits of being white in the US. Local venues include: 
– The Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Racial Justice Ministry.“A conversation for white people to reconnect to our spirit and our humanity to interrupt white supremacy” hosted by The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. Wednesday, June 10, 2020 from 2:00 to 4:00 MST. More details below. Click this link to register.

– Support the continuing work of front line organizers providing leadership. Give your money, ask others to give, and take up a collection at Sunday services in support of organizations like Black Visions CollectiveReclaim the Block, and Minnesota Freedom Fund

3) Listen without ego or defensiveness to people of color – in person, on television or radio, in movies. Truly listen with the goal of thoughtful understanding. Don’t scroll past articles written by people of color. Read them.

4) Acknowledge that police brutality is real. Speak about your convictions in support of Black liberation. Articulate your support of Black organizing, grounded in your faith and conscience. Have hard conversations with family, social networks, neighbors. And sign up at this link to be connected with a network of UUs committing to learning, reflecting, and acting together. Share this message widely with your networks.

5) Review information available on the website of the Boise Office of the Mayor.Review the “transition reports” and the “100 day report.”
– Offer any opinions you have, both favorable and unfavorable, about what you read in the reports. Express any opinions or concerns you have about the newly-appointed Chief of Police.
– Ask for assurance that the newly-appointed Boise Chief of Police will be a model of ethical, unprejudiced, professional leadership. Insist that police department officers and staff are trained and supported to be the same in their interactions with all Boise residents and visitors. 
– Ask that the Chief of Police hold community forums to address issues of policing in Boise. Hold him to his commitment to public safety, accountability, transparency, and community engagement.
– Ask for assurance that the police violence recently seen in other US cities will not occur here.Learn about the Boise Office of Police Oversight and support their role. 

Of course there are MANY more actions we can take and should keep taking as we commit to deepening our work toward countering racism and dismantling white supremacy.