Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Boise Pride 2016 (photo by Sarah Olson)

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Social Justice Council provides guidance for a number of current and emerging social justice ministries. A social justice ministry team is a group that strives to meet a justice need, enact legislative change, and/or works within our community (both local and national) to achieve greater social justice both in Idaho and beyond.

Starting a Social Justice Ministry Team

Emerging social justice ministries are asked to complete the form linked below. Please save a copy for yourself, and email the completed form to Tess Veto. This form will help you and your group ensure that you have a focus (is your group service or advocacy-based?), a vision for your ministry, and that you have set achievable goals for your ministry. This form also helps the Social Justice Council to provide a collaborator for your ministry team and to assist you in finding both community partners and BUUF partners.


Joining a Social Justice Ministry Team

We have numerous social justice ministry groups here at BUUF. Please read the list below for a description and contact information for our currently active groups. If you do not see a group that reflects your social justice interests, consider starting a new group! Contact our Social Justice Coordinator, or anyone on the Social Justice Council for assistance.

Current Social Justice Ministry Teams

Pride Ministry

BUUF participates in Boise Pride Fest in June each year. Volunteers are needed for organization, marching in the parade, and running our Pride booth. Contact our Social Justice Coordinatori f you are interested.

Refugee and Immigrant Justice Ministry

A team who responds to refugee issues in the Treasure Valley and Idaho as a whole, they have been involved in promoting better legislation and have worked with local refugee and immigrant rights groups.

  • Mission: To support and advocate for refugee and immigrant issues in our community (and beyond) through connection with our community partners.
  • Goals:
    • To keep BUUF informed and connected with refugee and immigrant issues as they bubble up in our community and government
    • To help mobilize public witness and legislative advocacy efforts when needed (witness events, letter writing campaigns, etc.)
    • To support direct service projects (family mentoring, citizenship tutoring, collection of clothing and supplies, training & support, community building, meals, etc.)
  • ContactBetty Van Gheluwe
  • Meetings: The evening of the fourth Monday of the month .

Earth Care Ministry

The Earth Care Ministry, with the partnership of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, primarily focuses on education through events like Symposiums, Workshops, and Statewide meetings. In the future they may work on items such as supporting initiatives by environmental organizations, including the Idaho Sierra Club, and creating an Interfaith Coalition for Climate Change.

Contact: Bob Huntley

Rapid Response Team

  • Mission:   Collect and disseminate information from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, United Visitation of Idaho, Interfaith Equality Coalition and others, about events addressing issues, such as the following, that have been put before state and federal legislators:
    • Women’s reproductive rights, justice and wage equity,
    • Health Care
    • Economic (Wages and Homelessness)
    • Environmental,
    • Refugee and Immigrant
    • LGBTQ+
    • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Nutrition and Food
  • Goals: Team members will respond by taking action in one or more of the following way:
    • Write Postcards/letters, send emails,  complete online petitions
    • Participate in phone banks
    • Participant in vigil
    • Be a witness at the Capitol for hearings/gallery/public events
    • Lobbying in person
    • Perform civil disobedience/Nonviolent resistance
  • Contact: Jim Bigelow
  • Action Alerts: See the Rapid Response Team section of the Social Justice Events page.

BUUF Committee for Rise Up, Idaho!

RiseUp, Idaho! is a group people  who are tired of a broken political system and parties that do not reflect our values.  The BUUF committee for Rise Up, Idaho! is made up of BUUF members who have joined to RISE UP to take back our state and hold those who hold and seek elected office accountable to our values and our platform.

We working with Reverend Sara, the Social Justice Council and the Congregation to gather feedback and additional input so we can design an effective action plan and activity schedule for a new social justice initiative that will:

  • Inform BUUF members about Rise Up
  • Educate them about non-partisan issues
  • Clarify what they care about as individual

See our action plan: Expanding the BUUF Social Action Program.

Rise Up, Idaho! is a statewide effort and a powerful display of what strategic, organized mobilization looks like and is capable of producing when we are truly listening and responsive to the needs of people across the state. Together we are organizing and mobilizing across Idaho, in rural and remote communities. We are determined to make real improvements in people’s lives through strategic organizing. We are ordinary people who are tired of the way things are, terrified about where we are headed and RISING UP to make a difference in our communities and in our state

Together, we can create a state  and a world where we all have what we need to thrive, achieve, and feel our full worth at home, at work, and in our communities. We can change how we measure success. Our yardstick will be the health and happiness of all people and the well being of our planet.

For more information, go and like the Facebook page:

Social Justice Ministries we would like to Start

Racial Justice Ministry

It is time we created a Racial Justice Ministry to lead the congregation in the conversation of uncovering privilege and doing the associated work. At the Fall Congregational meeting there was an advisory vote to begin a congregational study action on dismantling intersectional white supremacy.

BUUF members marching in the People’s Climate March in Idaho (2017) Photo by Jane Rohling