The Social Justice Council at BUUF started in 2015 as a way to gather all of our social justice ministries, actions of immediate witness, and task forces under a broader umbrella.

Our vision is that we believe social justice work is a natural outgrowth of a healthy, nurturing church community as we seek to act out our Seven UU Principles in the world. We believe that social justice work should be reciprocal, and based on honored and dignified relationships in order that the good work be enduring, sustainable, and transformative for all involved.

Our mission, in conjunction with our minister, is to nurture our identity as a social justice congregation. To that end, we support, guide, and collaborate with existing and emerging groups of congregants who want to address a social justice need using the resources of the Church.

We will effect this:

  • By engaging the congregation with opportunities to do meaningful justice work (systemic change) and mercy work (service/relief).
  • By partnering with religious, social service, and advocacy groups to magnify our impact.
  • By expanding, deliberately and strategically, the range of social justice ministries to which we commit.
  • By reflecting on and evaluating our efforts so that the Fellowship keeps faith with its stated mission to “practice justice…as a congregation.”

How to contact the Council

If you would like to contact the social justice council, please email Jim Bigelow.

Please use, to reach all the members of the council.  This email address will send email to the following people:

Member Name Member Email
Jim Bigelow
Betty Van Gheluwe
Don Stepich
Marni Odermann
Sue Philley
Rob Ham
Mark Bussolini

Members Emerita and Emeritus:

  • Kacee O’Connor,
  • Debra Smith
  • Debbie Johnson
  • Gary Wyke
  • Sheila Ames
  • and many others,  whose many efforts are continually appreciated.

Statements and Resolutions

The Social Justice Council supports statements of conscience and justice resolutions.  See these on the Social Justice Statements and Resolutions page.


Meetings are held during the evening of the first Tuesday of the month and are open to all.

See the BUUF Social Justice Council Blog for more information

Read the 2015-2016 Social Justice Council Report here.