March 2022 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

March 17, 2022


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Debbie Johnson, Jenna Raino, Scott Smith

Also Attending:

Rev. Sara LaWall, Rachel Strong

ActionNumberDescription    Notes
Motion20220317-1Accept Consent AgendaMoved: Jenna R. Second:  Tom v. Motion Carried                                                       

Discussion Items

  • Review Covid metrics and Re-opening guidelines

Based on the metrics and guidelines adopted last month, we are in the Green zone. This allows food and drink and groups of up to 120 indoors. The guidelines will be used starting on Celebration Sunday officially but can be put into practice sooner if the staff decides and circumstances warrant it.

  • Committee on Ministry open forum: planning for Rev. Sara’s sabbatical

Debra Smith and Carol Ogburn attended on behalf of the worship committee. Liaisons for critical committees  and the staff are in place. A report will be prepared each month for the Board consent agenda to inform the Board of any issues/concerns that come up.

  • Annual Congregation Meeting agenda

The meeting will be via Zoom on May 15.

Probable start time is 11:45 am to allow anyone attending service in-person time to get home so they can Zoom in.  Attendance taking will be similar to the process used last year to determine if a quorum is met.

The biggest item on the agenda is the new Buy Laws. Voting for adoption of the re-written Buy Laws will be online.

  • Use of new annual donor gift

The approximate value of the annual unrestricted gift is $50,000. Issues discussed included that the gift may end at some time and dependence on the funds to make up annual budget shortfalls may occur. Therefore, it was felt that the Board should set a policy to guide how the funds are used. It was also stated that the history of the gift and the philosophy of the policy should be documented to help guide future Board members as the background, intention, use of gifts, etc.  is sometimes lost over time. Final plans/policy will be set after the FY23 budget is done.

  • Endowment Committee nomination to fill 1 open position

A final nomination was not determined. Suggestions can be sent to the Board president.

  • Report on the results of Physical Plant Fund Task Force

A summary of the task force findings was reviewed. The monetary needs are preliminary. Discussion about how to fund for the needs and when to message this to others was started and will continue at future Board meetings.