May 2018 Congregational Meeting Minutes

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Minutes – Annual Congregational Meeting

May 20, 2018

3:00 p.m.

6200 Garrett Street

Garden City, Idaho


Matthew Sabin, President, chaired the meeting.  Gwyn Reid, Secretary, took the minutes.  Quorum established.


Action Number Description Notes
Motion 20180520-1 Approve slate of Board Members nominated by nominating committee

Officer Positions for the Board of Directors – 2018-19:


Vice President (1 year) – Rachel Murphy

President (1 year) – Harriet Shaklee

Past President (1 year) – Matthew Sabin

Treasurer (3 years) – Tom vonn Alten


Director Position for the Board of Directors:


Director #1 (3 years) – Elizabeth Pirie


Passed by unanimous voice vote.
Motion 20180520-2 Approve slate of Nominating Committee Members and Endowment Committee Members

Nominating Committee:

Member #1 (3 years) – Sarah Olson


Endowment Committee:

Member #1 (3 years) – Linden Boice

Member #2 (3 years) – Bill Reid

Passed by unanimous voice vote
Motion 20180520-3 Accept 2018-2019 Operating Budget as presented by the treasurer and finance committee. Moved – Alley Gooding / Second Patti Raino.  Passed by unanimous voice vote.
Motion 20180520-4 Accept strategic plan. Moved – Linden Boice

Second – Sue Stadler

Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Motion 20180520-5 Gun Safety Resolution


In the paragraph that outlines the measures to be enacted:

Change number 1 to read: Renewal of an assault weapons ban and other provisions similar to that of the Feinstein bill (see addendum for salient features of the bill),

Strike 2, 3, and 4

Change number 5 to read: Invest in violence prevention and intervention programs.


Bob Huntley moved to accept the resolution.

Amendment motion by Allie Gooding / Second – Jim Bigelow

Amendment passed by voice vote with two abstentions.


Resolution passed by voice vote with five abstentions.

Motion 20180520-6 Accept the covenant of Partnership with Magic Valley UU Fellowship Motion by Kacee O’Connor

Second – Jim Bigelow

Passed by unanimous voice vote.