May 2022 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

May 19, 2022, 6:30 pm


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Debbie Johnson, Jenna Raino, Cathy Sherman, Scott Smith, Mark Zimmerer

Also Attending:

Rachel Strong

ActionNumberDescription    Notes
Motion20220519-1Accept Consent Agenda with the following changes: removed President’s report and Minutes for the 2022 Congregational meeting; add Committee on Family Ministries reportMoved: Tom v. Second:  Scott S. Motion Carried                                                       
Motion20220519-2A Consent Agenda policy be added to the list of Board Policies needed to be written to support the Bylaws.*Moved: Scott S. Second: Eileen G. Motion Carried                                                       
Motion20220519-3Approve the President’s report.**Moved: Tom v. Second: Scott S. Motion Carried

Discussion Items

  • Annual Congregational meeting debrief

The general consensus was that the meeting went smoothly.

The Endowment Committee nomination of a non-member (which was verified to be acceptable per Endowment Committee policy) prompted the suggestion to make sure that only members are nominated in the future (and/or double check the appropriate policies during the nomination process so that nominations are already verified prior to being voted on).

  • Review Covid metrics and Re-opening guidelines

Ada County metrics are slowly creeping up, however, Ada County is still (barely) in the “green” designation.

It was asked if the rubric is weighed too much towards reducing restrictions. The response was that it is weighed towards transmissibility being the guide.

Choir practice guidelines were discussed as it had recently been requested to change the parameters slightly to allow more actual singing practice time. Choir members on the Board reported that the singing time is still half what it was pre-Covid and that the slight increase in time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes was helpful and seemed adequate for now.

The office administrator and staff will continue to be the decision makers for Covid protocols for use of the building using the guidelines in place.

                It was commented that there are various measures we can take on a personal level to mitigate our person risk                 and that management of the risk of catching Covid should be more on the individual now rather than                 institutions.

  • Use of unallocated funds: initial strategy for congregational discussion

The Board president shared her vision for a 3-5 year plan for non-designated assets which included a grid of External and Internal outreach programs/areas. A task force would be formed to study the idea with a financial plan resulting in a year (next spring).

Feedback and comments included:

The process sounded similar to that used for the last strategic plan. This could be viewed as an update to some of the existing strategic plan.

The Board may not be the right body to head the project or do the work but could get the process started by calling a task force.

More discussion to expand the idea and plan the next steps will occur during the June and July Board meetings.

  • Consent agenda: purpose and current practice

The President’s report was pulled from the consent agenda for this discussion. Included in that were links to some articles about the definition/purpose/correct use of a consent agenda.

Consent agendas are usually used to consolidate routine business so that meeting time is focused on new or more involved agenda items.

It was noted that anything in a consent agenda could be pulled from the consent agenda and added to the discussion items by anyone. This has not happened on a regular basis.

It was generally agreed that some guidelines for what can/should be allowed in consent agenda items, especially around anything with a financial impact, seem to be needed. 

*Motion made (20220519-2): A Consent Agenda policy be added to the list of Board Policies needing to be written to support the Bylaws.

**Motion made (20220519-3): Approve the President’s report.


  • Annual Giving Drive (AGD) follow up phone calls

Call Rachel if you can help and haven’t already volunteered.

The goal is to have all calls made by the end of next week (5/28/22).

  • Establishment of unfunded “fund” to assist IRC rental

FYI to let Board members know that a group of BUUF members were forming to pledge funds to help obtain rentals for new refugees. Participating members will not be required to actually pay into the fund but rather to pledge assistance if anything should happen (damage to an apartment, for example).

No Board action is needed.

  • General Assembly delegates

Two members have volunteered to be delegates and will attend the conference virtually.

Some of the youth are going in lieu of the usual trip to Boston.

Board President, Debbie J., will probably attend at least part of the conference in person.

There are room for more delegates than can cast votes on behalf of BUUF.