Minutes of July 8, 2019 mtg of BUUF Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

Persons present:  Diana Borrero-Lowe, Betty Van Gheluwe, Diane Schwabe, Julie Raymond and Cathy Sandstrom.

Betty opened the meeting with a lighting of the chalice and a reading.

Immigration Celebration Day was discussed extensively.  

Food:  5 people have volunteered to bring donuts, quick breads or coffee cakes.  1 couple has volunteered to provide lemonade.  We feel that the Goodness Land is willing to work with us to provide a reasonably priced meal.  We will investigate the Kebab House.  Betty suggested it would be easiest for everyone to have boxed lunches, which they may provide. We will use BUUF silverware and coffee mugs and purchase disposable sturdy plates, cups and napkins.

Entertainment:  Betty pointed out that Victory choir will likely only have a half-hour to perform as the morning session is likely to run over and we want to start on time for the workshops. They need to come early, will be housed in the library and will perform for ½ hour indoors.

Childcare:  We will not know what room to use or how many childcare providers we will need until we have a better idea of who will be coming, so we will need to ascertain if people need childcare during the registration process.

Volunteers:  Betty, Cathy, Diana, Diane, Julie, Scott Smith, and possibly Diane’s daughter as well as Artisans for Hope will set up Friday afternoon. At least Betty, Cathy, Diana, Joan Williams, and Diane will be available for clean -up.  Diane will be making coffee and setting up water which will be on the cabinets next to the north windows along with the breakfast breads; she will also make lemonade.  Joan and Jim Bigelow are signed up to serve food. Betsy Johnson and Eileen Dingeldein have signed up to facilitate workshops. Sue Stadler and Betsy Johnson will do registration.

Speakers and Panel:  Betty has volunteered to speak about the Asylum Seeker Hosting Project.

Workshops:  We will use rooms in both the north and south wings.

Advertising:  Tess is putting together an advertising plan.  First phase will be Save-the Date.

Logistics:  Location assignments:  Registration will be in the south vestibule.  Tables for Immigration Justice Idaho and the Asylum Seeker project, a table for pamphlets from other participating organization, and Artisans for Hope will be in and around the southwest corner of the great hall.  Lunch serving table will be just south of the window cabinets.  We will set up about 5 or 6 tables with chairs south of this and have rows of chairs between the food area and the informational tables.  Signs will be needed for rooms, as well as directional signs.

Timing:  Set-up Friday afternoon between 3 and 8.  On-line Registration starting August 11 possibly, but may want to delay that till August 18.  Advertising starting about 5 weeks before.  In-service flyers likely at about the time registration starts (will need to check with the Sunday service providers of the day).  Verify volunteer commitments 3-4 weeks in advance.

See action items below.

Asylum Seeker Hosting Project update:  A meeting of the core team and chairs of the fundraising, finance, community outreach and family support committees will take place on July 12 at 4:15 p.m. in the BUUF library. Diana and Diane have each had initial conversations with Dottie Matthews of the coalition and will have follow-up conversations on July 16 and 17.  Q&A sessions will be held after services on August 18 (Balasz rm.) and 25(Channing rm.), respectively hosted by Sarah Cox and Betty.

Social Justice Council update:  The Social Justice Council will host a retreat with all the social justice groups the morning of 8/24 at BUUF so that the ministries can learn more about each other and make connections.  We approved the SJM council’s request to post our minutes on their website.

Next Refugee and Immigrant Ministry meeting: July 24th, 6:30 p.m.

Betty closed the meeting with an inspirational reading and extinguishing the chalice.

We toured the facilities to better assess where workshops will be held and to discuss the arrangement of tables and chairs.

Action Items:

Immigration Celebration Day:


  • Cathy and Diana will visit the Kebab House on 7/15 at noon to eat lunch and discuss catering options.
  • Cathy and Diana will decide between the Kebab House and Goodness Land for lunch catering.
  • Diane Schwabe will price sturdy plates and drinking cups at various venues.


  • Diana B-L will contact Oasis to arrange viewing of and conversation with Victory choir at one of their performances. 


  • Cathy will contact Tess to ask that ages and numbers of children be placed on the registration form.


  • Cathy will contact Kathy Haze to see if she could be a facilitator.
  • Cathy will ask Claudia Fernsworth to bring a brunch item or lemonade rather than dessert for lunch.
  • Ministry members will solicit volunteers for lunch service (2 needed), lemonade, and workshop facilitator (2 needed)

Speakers and Panel:

  • Members will obtain 2-3 sentence bios from Rabiou (Diana), Salome (Cathy), Kathy Tidwell (Betty), and Marielena (Betty) and submit to Sue Philley and Tess.
  • About a month before the event, Betty will arrange for the panel speakers to connect.


  • Cathy and Betty will write brief descriptions of groups presenting for Tess to provide.
  • Cathy will contact Leap Housing this or next week to arrange to meet with the possible speaker.
  • Cathy will contact Global Gardens again about the raffle.
  • Betty will decide which rooms will be used for various groups.
  • Betty and Cathy will obtain information about desired room set up and whether groups will want to have brochures on table in great room.


  • Contact Tess about Save-the Date cards
  • Diana will contact channel 2 and Cathy will contact channel 6.
  • Betty and Cathy will ask Rev. Sara about NPR at a meeting later this month.
  • Diane Schwabe will contact Kristen Cheney at radio Boise.
  • Diana will speak at South Minster Presbyterian this next week about our ministry and this event.
  • Diana, Betty and Cathy will each write about 5 sentences for consideration for advertising materials.
  • Contact Idaho Public TV about listing for community events.


  • Cathy and Betty will review sound system in presence of Bill Reid after future Sunday service.
  • Diana will remind Sue Philley about her offers to provide table decorations (about 5 tables), and provide a fruit tray for the Victory choir.
  • Cathy will attempt to make a time-line with input from other members of the committee.

Asylum Seeker Hosting Project

  • Meeting July 12, separate minutes and agendas
  • Continue search for co-chair of fundraising