November 2019 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting
Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
November 21, 2019
6200 Garrett St, Garden City, Idaho

Present: Board Members: Tom von Alten, Curtis Smith, Elaine Daly, Sue Stadler, Cathy Sherman, Rachel Murphy, Harriet Shaklee

Also Present: Rev. Sara LaWall, Intern Minister Mary Beth Bolin

Board Members not Present: Elizabeth Pirie

Board Action20191121-1Accept Consent agendaMoved: Rachel Second: Harriet Pass 7 Yes, No 0, 0 Abstentions Voice vote
Board Action20191121-2Accept the final wording of (1) Resolution to Support Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers, and (2) Resolution on Dismantling Racism as presented with grammatical corrections as needed for the absentee ballot.Moved: Tom Second: Sandy Pass 7 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstentions Voice vote
Board Action20191121-3Increase Rachel Strong to full-time (40 hours) effective 01/01/2020.Moved: Harriet Second: Sue Pass 7 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstentions Voice Vote

Presentations to Board

1.Briefing to the Board – Social Justice Resolution for absentee ballot – Harriet Shaklee

A draft of the Resolution on Dismantling Racism was provided ahead of the Board meeting.

BUUF did not write the original resolution, however, BUUF has the final say about the exact wording they want to adopt as their 8th Principle. The Social Justice Council held informational and discussion meetings to gather feedback prior to finalizing the resolution. The voting materials will include background documents relaying a summary of the process used to arrive at the final resolution, the origin of the resolution, and development of BUUF’s version.

2.Briefing to the Board – Engaging Space Task Force (ESTF) survey summary – Sandy Cruise

The Task Force would like to give a full presentation to the Board at the December Board meeting, and hold a town-hall type congregational meeting in January 2020. The Board agreed to these requests.

Discussion Items

  • Safety Team request for capital expenditure funding

The Board agreed to defer making a funding decision until after the final ESTF report. The two projects need to be considered together since some safety needs are directly impacted by possible building and grounds changes.

  • Annual Giving Drive (AGD)

The Board approved “Lifting Up Our Home”, that is, taking care of the physical spaces of BUUF, as a budget priority for FYE 2021, and as the theme and focus of the AGD. Even if BUUD does not undertake new construction projects, there is a need to increase funding for regular and long-term maintenance of the aging buildings/facilities.

  • Staffing

With the upcoming retirement of Emmie and the departure of Tess, Rev. LaWall is looking at other staffing models and is considering a restructure of the staff, including job titles and duties. Some items to consider:

  • Who will minister Social Justice bearing in mind that a congregational decision was made to focus on it and staff for it? Funding for this was never really budgeted for.  How might a change to how it is managed be perceived by the congregation?
  • Recognizing that some programs will shrink, grow, or change.
  • Can an intern position be ongoing and funded to take on some duties?

Rev. LaWall proposed increasing Rachel Strong to full-time with expanded duties to include some of Tess’s previous responsibilities and the Board approved.