November 2021 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

November 18, 2021


Board Members: Sarah Cox, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Debbie Johnson, Jenna Raino, Cathy Sherman,  Scott Smith, Mark Zimmerer

Also Attending:

Rachel Strong (for Rev. Sara LaWall)

Board Action20211118-1Accept Consent AgendaMoved: Scott S. Second:  Mark Z. Motion Carried                                                       
Board Action20211118-2Allow sanctuary occupancy of up to 50 with vaccinations and masks and physical distancing*Moved: Sarah C. Second:  Scott S. Motion Carried                                                       

Discussion Items

  • Covid update

The latest statistics available were reviewed.  Measurements (confirmed cases, test positivity, hospitalizations, etc.) are all improved. Statewide we are still in the red (high risk for transmission) category.

  • Results of congregational Covid survey

Pie charts of summary of results were reviewed. For the most part, the responses to the questions were evenly split between a concerned viewpoint about the continued risk of Covid transmission – a desire to continue Zoom services and on-site gatherings with limited numbers in attendance and with every precaution taken (vaccinations required, masks) – and a desire to open up to in-person services and on-site gatherings of more people (outdoors especially). 

The question was raised about saying “All are welcome here” if certain requirements are asked of people; does acceptance and welcome mean with no parameters?

The Board was reminded that congregants responded from their personal viewpoint whereas the Board’s responsibility is to the entire congregation – including our most vulnerable members – and to the community at large.

Bill Reid attended to provide input about seating capacity in the sanctuary should in-person services be held. He has moved and arranged chairs in the sanctuary for many years and so has a good grasp of this aspect. He showed a possible set up which would allow up to 99 to be seated in the sanctuary with at least 3 people sitting together and Covid spacing between each group (less capacity if many people sit alone or in 2’s). Rachel Strong shared another measurement found online that suggested 24 based on the 3500 square feet size of the space; it did not take into account multiple people sitting together. Allowing for that and taking into account Bill’s floor plan, a capacity of about 50 seems like a reasonable possibility.

                *Motion made (20211118-2): Move to allow sanctuary occupancy of up to 50 with vaccinations required for those eligible, masks required, and physical distancing.

The question also arose about BUUF sanctioned activities held off-site. What, if any, rules should apply? Does the Board have the same level of responsibility to set guidelines for congregants to follow?   The Board will recommend that members attending these types of gatherings covenant among themselves what requirements they will set. The organizers and attendees will be reminded that CDC recommendations and the Board guidelines already in place for on-site meetings can be considered. Sarah will respond with such in the next President’s message.

Action Items

  • Flowers from the Board for Rev. Sara

Debbie will arrange for flowers to be sent. Send contribution to Debbie or give it to her next time you see her.