October 2021 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

October 21, 2021


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Sarah Cox, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Debbie Johnson, Jenna Raino, Cathy Sherman,  Mark Zimmerer

Also Attending:

Rachel Strong (for Rev. Sara LaWall)

Board Action20211021-1Accept Consent AgendaMoved: Mark Z. Second: Eileen G. Motion Carried                                                       
Board Action20211021-2Limit indoor meeting attendance to 10 per wing*Moved: Debbie J. Second:  Mark Z. Motion Carried                                                       
Board Action20211021-3Send Social Justice Resolution to the congregation for review and comment**Moved: Tom V. Second:  Jenna R. Motion Carried                                                       

Information Items

  • The Internship committee was reconvened to help find an Intern to share with the Twin Fall’s Fellowship. The target start date is late summer or early fall 2022 to align w Rev Sara’s sabbatical.

Discussion Items

  • Chalice Lighter grant

The liaison for this program (Sue Philley) believes there is a good chance to get a grant for BUUF because there have not been many grants requested thus far. A number of questions about how the program works were raised: does BUUF have enough participation to qualify; what is the decision process at BUUF for deciding which project to write a grant for; who is working with Sue on Chalice Lighters? Sarah Cox will follow up with Sue for answers to these questions. It was reported that the ESITF does not plan to pursue a grant for the Fah’s room coffee/small group phase of Engaging Spaces, but may seek a grant for the next phase of the project which is the sanctuary refresh. Rachel commented that there are projects for the BUUF facility that could use some grant money.

  • Debrief of Bylaws congregational meeting re “Membership”  

Scott Smith led the informational meeting held in September. One concern brought up was where policy/process/etc. that addresses “bad” behavior by friends/members should go. It was recommended that a short statement be included in the Bylaws with policy and procedures put in the applicable documents.

Another concern was keeping membership data safe. Rachel informed the Board that a database management company is used for security and that there are also internal controls in place that limit who can access the information.   

The meeting also brought up a need for a ‘policy map’ to help people find documents. Rachel reported that this is already underway by the staff. 

  • Debrief of Town Hall meeting held October 10

The general tone of the meeting was equally mixed supporting the Board’s actions so far and questioning such things as vaccine passports, getting outdoor heaters, mask mandates, clarifying the limit of 10 inside (per the entire building or per room), and why a town hall to discuss Covid response hasn’t been held before.

The Board decided that the indoor limit will be 10 per wing (in the largest class rooms of the north and south wings, and in the sanctuary). They also decided that a survey would be done to assess congregant’s feelings about how to manage the Covid risk and that town hall meetings would be held more regularly, probably quarterly. These updates will be communicated to the congregation. Note: most of the discussion was held in conjunction with a review of the latest Covid statistics during the regular monthly agenda item.  

Action Items

  • Covid update

The latest statistics available were reviewed.  It was decided that no change to the re-opening level currently in place was warranted.

                *Motion made (20211021-2): Move to limit indoor meeting attendance to 10 per wing with the wings defined as north wing, south wing, sanctuary. Staff is not counted for the south wing.

  • Social Justice Resolution

A resolution was received from the Social Justice Team.                 **Motion made (20211021-3): Move to send the resolution to the congregation for review and comment.