Our Plate Partner program enables us to live our values by supporting local and national social justice programs and organizations. Each month, 25% of our unpledged Sunday plate offerings are donated to that month’s plate partner. Plate Partners are nominated by members of the congregation, and are voted for on the Sundays leading up to our annual congregational meeting in May.

All nominations fit the following criteria:

be a 501(c)(3) organization • be local rather than national, although we do endorse and encourage continuing support for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood which have local affiliates that advocate for rights and policies in the Idaho Legislature • not have a strong religious component and/or a zealous advocate for a particular creed • be nominated by a BUUF member or organization • have a BUUF member who will be a liaison between BUUF and the organization • have a mission that clearly falls under one or more the UU’s 7 principles • fall into one or more of the following categories with the understanding that other worthy initiatives can be considered at the discretion of Social Justice Council:

racial justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice & health care, women’s justice, economic justice, refugee and immigrant justice, criminal justice reform, child families and youth empowerment, LGBT justice

Voting for a Plate Partner:

Of the following list of 20 nominations, 10 will be selected for the 2019-2020 year.

You have 10 votes. You may cast them all on one nomination or distribute them as you see fit. Voting in person on Sunday May 5th or May 12th in the sanctuary is preferred. If you would like to cast your vote remotely, please contact Tess at tessa.veto@boiseuu.org.

Plate Partner Nominations for 2019-2020:

1. Idaho Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Criminal Justice Reform

MADD advocates for laws, policies, procedures, etc. that contribute to making driving in Idaho (and nationally, of course) safer for everyone. They provide emotional support to the victims of impaired drivers and help them deal with the legal ramifications as well. MADD also provides a Victims’ Impact Panel at which victims share their experiences with individuals charged with a DUI who are ordered by the courts to attend.

100 words: MADD – Idaho has done a tremendous job in making our state’s roads safer for all of us and have provided much needed assistance and support to victims. I suspect that every one of us, unfortunately, knows of someone whose life has been impacted by a drunk or otherwise impaired driver. MADD’s work impacts each and every one of us.

2. Family Advocates/CASA

Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Refugee and Immigrant Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Family Advocates works to strengthen families and keep kids safe by empowering everyday people to protect and enrich the lives of youth.

100 words: Family Advocates provides volunteer mentors and pro bono lawyers to go to bat for them in court when they are fearful of their future. Staff provides training for the volunteers, parenting classes, activities and more. They serve four counties.

3. JEMfriends

Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

They provide a program to help youth aging out of foster care as they navigate their transition to independence.

100 words: Foster care children are less likely to continue their education, more likely to become homeless and incarcerated, and more likely to end up in poverty. We have the chance to help an organization that assists these kids in beating those statistics.

4. Giraffe Laugh

Economic Justice, Refugee and Immigrant Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Giraffe Laugh is a local non-profit that provides early care and education to young children by ensuring school readiness, empowering families and building strong futures.

100 words: They provide quality early care and education and all parents are supported throughout the early years of parenthood regardless of age or income. They are particularly attentive to providing early care and education to low income families, one of the few providers who do this.

5. Interfaith Sanctuary

Environmental Justice, Women’s Justice

Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter serves people of all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientation, as well as families with children, by providing safe overnight emergency shelter and practical services to transition out of homelessness.

100 words: (None given)

6. Learning Lab

Refugee and Immigrant Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Mission of the learning lab is to provide the opportunity for everyone to be able to illiterate in English. It also provides a path to citizenship and a way for people to get their GED.

100 words: This is the amazing plate partner because they do so much good for people who come to the country not knowing the Customs or the language many students have gone to get their citizenship and their GED and come productive members of the Boise community. They also provide an early learning School for Children of adult learners.

7. Immigrant Justice Idaho

Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Refugee and Immigrant Justice

IJI provides free and low-cost immigration legal services, and education about immigration law and policy.

100 words: For the last 20 years, no Idaho entity has appeared on the list for Idaho’s immigration court. IJI is now listed as a Free Legal Service Provider and Referral Service. Maria has put together an amazing team – with active involvement and leadership from the immigrant/migrant community in Idaho. There is enormous need for these types of services at this point in time. The organization is full of vibrant, hard-working people who are deeply dedicated and fiercely committed to social justice for immigrants.

8. The Garden City Public Library Foundation

Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment, Arts & Justice

We engage and enrich the hearts and minds of our community and ensure that every child in Garden City has access to library books.

100 words: The Foundation funds the “Bells for Books” bookmobile that takes books and technology (and mittens and snacks) to children in under served neighborhoods.

The bus visits neighborhoods where families have the least access to transportation and Library services. Staff and volunteers who read stories to the children become a friendly contact for many “latch key” children, developing community relationships. The Foundation also funds the special programs offered by the library. These broadly address the arts, literacy, children and youth, families, and the environment. Patrons from all economic levels in our City call our Library the “heart of Garden City”.

9. Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline (a program of Jannus)

Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline, a program of Jannus, is committed to the prevention of suicide in Idaho. The hotline provides crisis intervention, emotional support, resource referrals, linkages to local services, and follow-up for all Idahoans, including those at risk for suicide and their families and loved ones.

100 words: Three elements underpin services provided by Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: supportive community, genuine connection, and compassion—the very things we seek at BUUF each Sunday!

Without bias or barriers, ISPH provides these proven elements of prevention and healing to suicide-vulnerable individuals, their families and their allies throughout Idaho. Many would be lost without this resource—in 2017, 393 people completed suicide in Idaho; 1 in 5 high school youth reported seriously considering suicide; 1 in 10 reported making at least one attempt.

Members of BUUF who have experienced the grief of suicide will wholeheartedly support this amazing prevention effort.

10. Tidwell Social Services & Consulting, Inc.

Racial Justice, Women’s Justice, Economic Justice, Refugee and Immigrant Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Tidwell aims to bring Idahoans from different backgrounds together to experience tremendous benefits of diversity, promote community cohesion and resource sharing. Healthy social relationships foster natural supports that are essential to well-being of the individual and community. Tidwell uniquely serves refugees and immigrants in their healing process, along with more traditional populations of adults, children and families. Additionally, it offers free counseling for uninsured refugees/asylum seekers.

100 words: In taking action, this organization listens to the many voices most affected by social injustice; in taking action, it offers ways to heal and rebuild communities, guided by acknowledging the inner goodness and ability to love of each individual. This non-profit does deep work within our community. It offers women’s empowerment, social integration, pay it forward programs that are accountable to the community and beyond. It values and acts upon what are also BUUF principles, such as love for community and the world, wisdom and healing from many sources and teachers, and the exploration and journey of making love visible in the world.

11. Global Gardens

Economic Justice, Refugee and Immigrant Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Mission- “We involve culturally diverse families in healthy lifestyles and entrepreneurial training through the cultivation, harvest, cooking, eating, and sales of fresh, healthy produce.” Vision- “We envision a community of culturally diverse individuals empowered to cultivate food, engage with the community, and become entrepreneurs.”

100 words: Through donated land used for 9 community gardens, they have taught about 600 refugees farming (organic) and entrepreneurship so they can feed their own families and/or sell food at farmers’ markets or through CSA subscriptions to individuals and daycares. Recently they have expanded their program to Duck Valley Indian Reservation. They are scheduled to host a workshop at Immigration Celebration Day this fall.

12. Women’s and Children’s Alliance

Women’s Justice, Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault.

100 words: WCA has helped numerous women and children remove themselves from a cycle of violence and abuse. It has helped member’s of our BUUF community.


Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

Charitable Assistance To Community’s Homeless (CATCH) helps families with children get back on their feet. By providing housing first, then working with families to address their challenges, CATCH offers a new beginning which leads to self sufficiency in over 85% of participating families. Founded in 2010, CATCH, Inc. brings together regional government, congregations of faith, local businesses, and other charitable organizations for one purpose: housing homeless families.

100 words: CATCH is a leader in this community in the fight to end homelessness, pushing collaboration in the city among many service providers for the Housing First Model. As a prior Plate Partner, I want our partnership to continue grow and strengthen as they are leading the way.

14. El-Ada Community Action

Women’s Justice, Economic Justice, Refugee and Immigrant Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

MISSION AND VISION “In order to reduce poverty in it’s communities, El-Ada Community Action works to better focus available local, state, private and federal resources to assist low-income individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, gain access to new opportunities and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.”

100 words: El – Ada provides many services to our community. BUUF receives a regular supply of condoms that we distribute in our bathrooms. We also receive meat for our intrepid bimonthly Sunday SUUpers for Interfaith Sanctuary. El-Ada provides food for over a dozen food pantries and 30,000 individuals each year. They find and help to maintain housing for over 300 families every year, mostly Veterans and people with disabilities. This organization also does HIV / Hep C testing and counseling for our most vulnerable populations in Emore, Ada and Owyhee counties.

El-Ada has taken on an important role of building and managing residences for people with very low incomes in our area. They have embarked on a housing project using Indiedwll units.

We need to strengthen and formalize our existing relationship. The benefits to both organizations would be immense.

15. Planned Parenthood Treasure Valley

Racial Justice, Reproductive Justice, Women’s Justice, Economic Justice, LGBTQ+ Justice

The mission of PP is to support the lifelong sexual health of women and men, and to foster a community where every child is a wanted child.

Services – High quality, affordable reproductive health services in settings that protect the dignity, privacy, and rights of each individual.

Education & Prevention – Medically accurate, age appropriate, comprehensive sex education that furthers understanding of human sexuality and promotes healthy behavior.

Advocacy – Actively protecting the fundamental right to self-determination, and the right to decide freely if and when to have a child.

100 words: We have a long history of support and work with PP. They are continuously under attack by this current administration. UUs have been leaders in reproductive justice issues and we should continue that leadership and support in our local community. Supporting PP sends a message about what kind of community we are and who is welcome.

16. The Community Center

Economic Justice, LGBTQ+ Justice

Founded in December 1983, The Community Center is  devoted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and allied population. The Community Center (TCC) is committed to uniting the LGBT community through educational and developmental programs by providing resources  to the LGBT community. The Community Center (TCC) provides a safe and welcoming location for group meetings and social activities for youth groups, LBGT support groups, women’s and transgender groups. (TCC is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.)

100 words: The Community Center is at the heart of LGBTQ+ issues in the Treasure Valley. They help LGBTQ+ folks access their legal rights, same sex partners and those facing discrimination with housing and property ownership, HIV/AIDS support and testing, as well as providing resources and resource guides to the community. They’ve also added affordable counseling in their building to go along with their resource library. TCC offers a safe place for the entire LGBTQ+ community, focusing on the needs of different age groups as well as being multigenerationally accessible.  

17. The Idaho Black History Museum

Racial Justice

Housed in the historic St. Paul Baptist Church building and located in Boise Julia Davis Park. The museum presents exhibits and provides educational and community outreach programs including lectures, films, workshops, literacy programs, and musical performances.

The museum’s purpose is to build bridges between cultures to explore issues that affect Americans of all cultures and ethnicity.  

100 words: The Idaho Black History Museum has been a plate partner for quite a few years now. We have grown a relationship in this time. The IBHM does fantastic work validating the historical reference points that many people of color were great influences in Idaho’s history.

18. Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Environmental Justice

Our consistently respectful, nonpartisan approach to climate education is designed to create a broad, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations. By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering our supporters to work in keeping with the concerns of their local communities, we work towards the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions.

The Earth Care Ministry Team has already partnered with Citizens’ Climate Lobby for the education and betterment of Ada County through three events in the last 4 months. The funds raised by this congregation could be a big boost for the CCL to expand what projects they are able to work on locally. They have done advocacy trips in the past to Washington DC to hold our representatives accountable.

19. Intertribal Native Council

Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

INC’s goals include, but are not limited to:

-building and sustaining community

-actively creating awareness of Native issues (in relation to campus and community)

-contribution of ideas for recruitment of Native students

-support and assistance with the annual Seven Arrows Powwow

-planning social and educational events for Native students

-partnering with other student organizations that promote diversity and inclusion

-connecting with national Native organizations that support and promote education and development of native students

INC is a student lead group out of Boise State University. They do a lot of work on campus aimed at education and the rising up of Native young adults.

20. GrUUb ClUUb

Economic Justice, Child, Youth, & Family Empowerment

We, the BUUF GrUUb ClUUb Interfaith Sanctuary Sunday Suppers mission is four-fold. We stand with Interfaith Sanctuary Emergency Shelter’ mission in that we will provide compassion, dignity and respect in our interactions with each other and with IFS guests and staff. Second, we abide by the UU Principles 1 and 7 in that individuals are inherently worthy and must be afforded dignity recognizing their sacred place in the interconnected web of existence. Third, we craft excellent,

nutritious yet modest Sunday suppers in our cooking and serving teams. We serve this food as well as encourage building community and conversation with guests. Lastly, we collaborate with the following organizations and persons:  Congregation Ahaveth Beth Israel (use of their kitchen) Idaho Food Bank, Rolling Tomatoes gleaning organization, El-Ada Community Action Project and food, monetary and capital (i.e. Hot storage boxes) from BUUF congregants to serve 120 persons per meal. This partnership also supports IFS and TBGC’s mission to work together with a diverse palette of people and purpose.

Late 2018, The Idaho Foodbank -a supplier to meal ingredients for Interfaith Sanctuary weekend dinners on Saturday and Sunday, told Interfaith they had to discontinue all meals that were not prepared in  commercial kitchens and approved by health department guidelines. This meant that the families and organizations that donated meals and served using a non-commercial kitchen were discontinued. BUUF’s GrUUb ClUUb formed to begin to fill the gap. The GrUUb ClUUb is the only organization presently that provides a nutritious home-cooked meal for Interfaith two weekend meals a month because Congregation Ahaveth Beth Israel generously allows us  to use their commercial, kosher kitchen to prepare our meals. The other meals- a line item of Interfaith’s’ own constrained budget via donations- is $123 per weekend meal to supply restaurant made pizza nights and taco nights. $123 for 120 guests per meal. The math is evidentiary. BUUF’s GrUUb ClUUb certainly fills an extremely important nutritional niche for Interfaith Sanctuary guests.