Refugee and Immigrant Ministry, 7/24/19

Attendees:  Diana Borrero-Lowe, Diane Schwabe, Betty Van Gheluwe, Cathy Sandstrom

The meeting was opened with a lighting of the Chalice and a reading by Diana.

Immigration Celebration Day was discussed extensively.  Revisions to agenda reviewed.  Rev. Sara would like to provide the welcome.  Sue philley will introduce speakers, Victory choir, and moderate the panel discussion as well as provide closing remarks. Rev. Elizabeth will discuss the ASHP on the panel.

Food:  We decided not to use the Kebab House for catering.  We discussed using non-refugee ethnic food and Diana will investigate India Spice. Cathy will set-up further meeting with owner of Goodness Land, possibly with Shari Tisch and Arab interpreter.  Victory choir is expecting lunch and food will need to be set aside for them.  There may be 8 or more young men.  We probably don’t have enough lemonade planned which will only be served at lunch.  We will not have dessert at lunch.  Diana has a large beverage container.  Sue Philley plans to bring a fruit tray for the Victory choir, but will be out of town the day before, so may need someone else to do it.

Entertainment:  Sing Rwandan songs.  Will stay in library prior to performance and perform on dais.

Volunteers:  We still need a 4th facilitator and tossed around some names if Kathy Haze is not interested; will need further discussion. New volunteers include Toni Corley who will be here all day and plans to help with food set-up, serving and cleaning. Diane’s daughter Jennifer will help with set-up.  Diana has contacted Leslie and Ed Simon who are having health issues, and left voicemails for Danielle Kuhrt and Suzanne Strout.

Panel speakers:  are confirmed.  Rabiou has not yet sent in his bio.  We will need to send Tess bios but need to determine first how she would like to receive them, i.e., in 1 file or piece meal from the committee. Location: table and chairs on dais.

Workshops:  Global Gardens speaker may not be available and is supposed to determine if someone else from her group can take her place.  I have sent 2 emails, the last of which contained a save-the-date card requesting she contact me if they can’t participate as I need to find someone else.  LEAP charities is not sure who from their organization will participate but still shows interest in participating. 

Room assignments: 

Tidwell—Raible room as they want to do power point.  No table is needed.  Didactic style presentation.

Global Gardens—Stowe rm.

LEAP—Channing rm.

Refugee Speaker’s bureau—Balasz rm.  Will need to have bank of chairs available for additional seating.

Advertising:   We are awaiting an advertising plan from Tess who is on vacation until July 30.  We have sent save-the-date cards, or are in the process of sending, to Artisans for Hope, Tidwell Associates, Immigration Justice Idaho, Gayle Valentine, Oasis Adventist, Southminster Presbyterian, Idaho refugee Speaker’s bureau, Kara Fink at IOR, Global Gardens, LEAP charities. Will send invitation in August to school districts.  Tess will contact Channel 7.  Information will be sent to other Idaho UU churches, and considered sending to other local fellowships, BSU.  Rev. Sara will contact NPR.

Logistics:  We need to figure out how to use the PowerPoint and make sure we can use the microphones..  we need to determine how keynote speaker and caterer will be paid.  We need to determine if we have adequate water and lemonade containers.  Tables for pamphlets, IJI and ASHP and Artisans for Hope will be set-up in the Southwest corner of the great hall.

Materials:   We agreed on evaluation questions which Betty will type up.

ASHP was briefly discussed.  Betty is in the process of calling all the people who signed up from last week.  I will table this Sunday.  Committees are starting to organize their first meeting.  Betty and cathy met with Rev. Sarah on 7/23 to provide her an update.  She agreed with the plans and said that she would like top put out a press release when we are matched with a family.  She agreed that the fundraising team can begin contacting the initial pledgers from the May meeting.  We will have a wine and cheese social at Sue Philley’s home on 9/4 and send out an invitation with RSVP to new people (a list has been started), including people that sign up on upcoming tabling and Q&A session lists.  Team will provide hors’doeuvres, wine acquisition will be discussed further with Sue.  Rev. Sara would like to attend. Cathy will contact Dottie to set up time to discuss how to handle finances.  Cathy and Betty will meet with Sue Langley on 8/21 and next Core team meeting will be 8/23, to which Diane has invited Debbie Johnson, David Clopton and… 

Social Justice retreat 8/24 for Social Justice ministries discussed.  The 4 of us will attend.

Action items reviewed.

Next Refugee and Immigrant Ministry meeting will be 8/23 at 4 p.m in BUUF library.

Diane will provide the opening and closing readings at the next meeting.

Diana closed the meeting with a reading and extinguishing the chalice.

Action items:


  • Recalculate lemonade requirement for ICD
  • Contact Goodness Land and arrange for meeting with owner and possibly Shari Tisch and Arabic-speaking interpreter.
  • Ask Tess about use of BUUF credit card or check to pay caterer.
  • Meet/speak with Rev. Elizabeth about ICD
  • Determine whether Kathy Haze will be facilitator and notify Betty and Diana
  • Continue to try to connect with Global Gardens.
  • Send in save-the date card to Channel 6
  • Ask Tess how she would prefer to have bios and organization descriptions sent to her
  • Ask Tess to print save-the date cards for hospitality table and seat backs.
  • Send Rabiou save-the date
  • Ask Tess about sending out S-T-D cards to other religious organizations in the community, then discuss with Diana and Betty
  • Ask Scott about experience using power point in Raible rm.
  • Contact Claudia Fernsworth about providing lemonade +/- coffee bread
  • Type up volunteer list.
  • Ask Salome how she likes to speak, in front of pulpit or wandering with mic.
  • Look at Idaho Public TV for event calendar.


  • Investigate India Spice restaurant
  • Ask Victory choir if they can perform with only 2 microphones (3, if one on pulpit is used) and clarify that they will perform at 12:15
  • Notify Cathy if Danielle Kuhrt or Suzanne Strout are interested in helping with the event
  • Contact Sue Philley about needing someone else to do the fruit tray.


  • Obtain email addresses and send STD cards to Idaho UU fellowships
  • Submit ICD information to Gemma Gaudette of Idaho Matters and Michelle Jenkins of Idaho Statesman
  • Send write-up and S-T-D graphic to Diane
  • Type up evaluation questionnaire


  • Will purchase plates and cups from Winco as a donation to the event
  • Send S-T-D card and information about the event to Radio Boise (Jan Linder)
  • Contact BSU, possibly multicultural office to notify them of ICD event

Rev. Sara

  • Contact NPR

Timeline for ICD planning events that have been (mostly) determined:

  1. On-line registration starting August 11 and closing September 18; dates need to be verified.
  2. Call volunteers about assignments after Labor Day.
  3. Meet with Sue Philley on 9/10 at 1 p.m. at BUUF to figure out table cloths and decorations.

Set-up between 3 and 8 pm on 9/20, including Artisans for Hope