Refugee and Immigrant Ministry meeting minutes from 8/22/2019

From Cathy Sandstrom:

Members present:  Betty Van Gheluwe, Diana Borrero-Lowe, Diane Schwabe, Cathy Sandstrom

Diane opened the meeting with the lighting of the chalice and a reading.

Immigration Celebration Day! was discussed. 

Assigned tasks:

  • Food
    • Cathy and Diana to discuss food quantities and costs and costs of delivery with Mustafa of Goodness Land on 8/23.
  • Volunteers
    • Diana to call Sheila Ames to see if she can facilitate.
    • Members will call volunteers after Labor Day to remind them of their assignments
      • Cathy will call food and beverage providers: Sue Philley, Tom Neale and Eileen Oldag, Diane Hinds, Peggy Lynne, Diana B-L, Claudia Fernsworth
      • Diane will call and coordinate food setting up and serving crew:  Joan Williams, Jim Bigelow, Toni Corley
      • Diana will call set-up and clean-up volunteers:  Julia Raymond, *Eileen Dingledein (also a facilitator), *Sue Stadler (also a registrar), *Jennifer (Diane Schwabe’s daughter)
      • Betty will call and coordinate facilitators and registrants:  *Sue Stadler, *Eileen dingledein, Ed Pack, Betsy Johnson.
  • Speakers and panel
    • Cathy will make appt with Salome to discuss her presentation
    • Diana will determine if Victory choir members desire individual introduction.
    • Rev. Greene to send in bio
  • Workshops
    • Cathy to try to schedule appointments with Lisa Shultz and Carolyn Langley
  • Advertising
    • Cathy will contact Wanda Jennings for advice about advertising to schools.
    • Diane will contact various groups at BSU like the student union and diversity and inclusion clubs.
    • Cathy and Diana will meet with Tess next week to discuss the advertising plan and signs.
    • Diana will send save-the date cards to Cole community church, Oasis Adventist and Southminster Presbyterian
  • Child care
    • Cathy will contact Emmie Schoblohm
  • Logistics and Materials
    • Cathy will send descriptions of workshops to Tess.
    • Diana will give Sue Philley citizenship questions to put on tables as decorations
    • Diane’s daughter Jennifer will make nametags

Additional items discussed during meeting:

Immigration celebration day:

Will have nametags for keynote and panel speakers.  Rev. Green should have her title, minister emeritus.  Probably don’t need for Sue or Rev. Sara.  Diane will ask her daughter to make them, to include name and organization. 

Will need signs pointing directions to rooms with workshops and for childcare.

At registration table will have list of guests and presenters and registrars will need to be able to direct them to appropriate locations.  Betty will coordinate this process. Will have list of persons who have registered online and blank sheet for registrants on day of event.  No name tags for participants.  Will need cards to label food.  Will also need cards to notify speaker they have 1 and 5 minutes left of their time.

Table decorations: will have blue on white table cloths and colorful paper plates and decoration with citizenship questions.

If Sheila Ames unable to be facilitator will consider asking Janet Mclanahan or Gwyn Reid.

Ed Pack is having surgery and will let us know if he has to cancel out on being a facilitator.

ASHP:  Core meeting tomorrow 8/23.

Social Justice Retreat on 8/24:  Betty, Diana and Cathy plan to attend

Next meeting:  9/12, 4 pm BUUF, Cathy to provide readings

Diane closed the meeting with a reading and extinguishing the chalice.