There is so much to enjoy in the summer around here, fishing, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, picnics, travel, and pool time. Since our numbers are low in the summer from people enjoying and exploring the world (including our instructors), we are taking the summer off from classes and will resume in the fall. Check back in September for our Fall Class Schedule.



We are perpetually awed and excited by the bredth and depth of topics folks here are knowledgeable about. BUUF Adult ED is accepting proposals on a rotating basis. Adult ED class slots for September 2018 through May 2019 are mostly filled, although there is room for one or two more each season. The proposal may be placed in the Adult ED box in the BUUF office or submit proposals online at the BUUF website. Not all proposals may be accepted due to time and logistical constraints of our limited schedule.

Class Proposal Form