Fall registration is now open. As summer wraps up and we look to crisper days, Adult Ed classes become available. If you enroll, please be ready to meet with all class sessions. Enrollment is limited and we would like committed participants. When you register for a class, an email receipt will be sent to remind you for which class(es) you have registered. If you wish to change your registration you may do so any time before the cut off date by using the link provided in that email.

You can see the class descriptions and register online by using the button below. Paper descriptions and registration are available in the office.

If a class is full, email our Social Justice and Membership Coordinator at tessa.veto@boiseuu.org to be put on a waiting list.

Childcare is available on request, contact Cathy Carmen at cathycarmen@cableone.net.

Register Here

We are perpetually awed and excited by the bredth and depth of topics folks here are knowledgeable about. BUUF Adult ED is accepting proposals on a rotating basis. Adult ED class slots for September 2018 through May 2019 are mostly filled, although there is room for one or two more each season. The proposal may be placed in the Adult ED box in the BUUF office or submit proposals online at the BUUF website. Not all proposals may be accepted due to time and logistical constraints of our limited schedule.

Class Proposal Form