Lighting the Chalice

First-time Chalice Lighters

Once a child has reached the age of five, they may assist with lighting the chalice for the first time in the adult service.  This is an important and popular rite of passage in our congregation.  Families should indicate an interest with the Director of Religious Exploration or indicate their child is a first-time chalice lighter on the Sunday Services sign-up sheet located in the hospitality area in the sanctuary.  The service coordinator for the Sunday service will contact you and make arrangements to connect with the Director of Religious Exploration and the celebrant before the service starts to honor the child at the service and give them a special chalice pin to commemorate the special event.  Many times, children light the chalice as part of their birthday celebration. 

If you would like your child to light the chalice, please contact Emmie Schlobohm, our Director of Religious Exploration.