Opportunities to share your gifts of time and talent are many in Religious Exploration.  On any given Sunday, there are more than 20 volunteers exploring and discovering with our children and youth.  We strongly encourage all parents/guardians/grandparents to assist in a classroom and if you’d like to contribute in other ways, we’re always happy for the help.   Are you a lover of art or a creator of music?  Do you love to play or create spiritual space or practices?  Are you an awesome organizer, a web wizard, or a deadline diva who loves to wrangle words? How about a facilitator of family fun, a captain of coordination, or a super celebrator?  If you answered yes to any of these questions or we’ve got your curiosity cooking, please talk to Emmie Schlobohm, your Director or Religious Exploration.


Religious Exploration Committee & Dream Teams

The Religious Exploration Committee represents the fellowship’s interest in religious exploration for our children and youth, and supports our professional staff.

Our mission is to create an experiential environment which will…

Encourage a positive sense of community

Encourage a healthy sense of self

Practice critical thinking

Experience meaningful worship and ritual and improve religious literacy

Develop an appreciation for the world around us

Make the tools available to make a difference in the world

Our Religious Exploration community also includes dream teams that work together with the Director of Religious Exploration to make the magic happen. The various members of the team work with and check-in with the director, as needed.  New members and potential new members are always welcome.  Check out the opportunities below and come join the fun!


Opportunities abound on Religious Exploration Dream Teams. What would you like to do?

  • Guides, Advisors, and Substitutes in our religious exploration classrooms
  • Social Justice Outreach from religious exploration to our greater congregation
  • Curriculum Visionaries to help create the spaces to explore in religious exploration
  • Justice Sundays – help guide an all-ages class built around justice issues or help to create the curricula built around or plate partners’ visions and missions
  • Arts Resource for our classrooms and events
  • Events! Events! Events! Leaders and worker bees alike to create and facilitate the fun
  • Sunday Colleagues to assist the Director of Religious Exploration on Sunday mornings
  • Print Media Marvels to get the good word out about all things RE (religious exploration)
  • Online/Social Media Wizards to create engaging and informative connections
  • Children’s Library Liaisons to foster a love of reading and connection with our families
  • Classroom Supply Sergeants to make sure our supplies are shipshape and ready to be used
  • Seasonal Cleanup Crew to make all of our sacred classroom spaces the best they can be



Safe Congregations Policy (SCP) and Adult Helpers in the Classrooms

No one ever wants to think that child abuse, be it sexual, emotional, or physical could ever occur in our community.  However, it is important to take preventative steps to insure the wellbeing of our children long before we have any inkling of a problem.  That is why we have a “Safe Congregations” policy at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

In May 2004, the governing board of the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship unanimously adopted a safe congregation policy. Among other things, the policy gives the Director of Religious Exploration and the Religious Exploration Team a backbone of screening and training volunteers (both older youth and adult) who serve as Religious Exploration guides, advisors, nursery caregivers, and childcare providers.  It also requires that we assemble a group of members and friends to serve on a panel (a group who assist us with procedures in the event that something unfortunate does occur) and requires that families register their children in Religious Exploration in a timely manner.

The Safe Congregations policy also prompts us to require two adults in every classroom. Most times, we have two members of the teaching team in each classroom, but, on occasion, only one teacher can attend and that’s where adult helpers (and your assistance) are needed.  In coming to the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and being a part of our Religious Exploration community, we ask that all parents and guardians of children and youth, preschool through high school, take a turn in assisting our classroom guides periodically. When you can assist in a classroom, please talk with Emmie, the Director of Religious Exploration or a designated assistant (look for a colorful name tag identifying them as an RE Team member). So join in, take part and ask Emmie or a Religious Exploration Team member how and when to assist.  We simply couldn’t do religious exploration without you and we wouldn’t want to!