Senior High Youth

Senior High youth meet weekly during our second service on Sunday mornings.  This group is youth-driven with an emphasis on social justice, community service, and connecting with our congregation and youth in our region. We draw from various UU curricula and other programs for our lessons and discussions. We strive to build community through Sunday morning discussions, attending and participating in Sunday adult services, community field trips, social events, community service opportunities, and regional youth conferences.


Senior High Bridging – Each spring, youth who are 17-18 yrs. old and/or graduating from High School have the opportunity to participate in Sr. High Bridging activities and a Sunday service that honors them as they pass from youth to young adults in the congregation.  If an eligible youth is interested in bridging, they can speak to Emmie, the Director of Religious Exploration.  Watch for information in the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship newsletter, our website, Facebook pages, and Orders of Service for announcements and information about our Senior High Bridging.


Our Whole Lives for 10th-12th grades

We are thrilled to be offering this series of workshops for the first time here at the Boise UU Fellowship this coming fall 2018! Using a comprehensive approach, this program helps senior-high youth gain the knowledge, life principles and skills they need to express their sexuality in life-enhancing ways. Includes a parent orientation and 12 sessions. For more information about Our Whole Lives here and nationally, please click here.