For children ages 0—3 years

We offer nursery care at all Sunday services. Children who turn three after August 31 remain in the nursery until the following September.  The nursery is located at the back of the sanctuary.  Morgan Angus, our Childcare Coordinator, is in the nuresery every Sunday and members of the congregation who enjoy being with and caring for babies and very young children, staff the nursery on a rotating basis.

Parents are asked to sign their children in at the KidCheck kiosk or on the clipboard in the nursery and provide the nursery staff with a diaper bag, clearly marked with the child’s name. For more information on registering your child, please click here.

Any special instructions about diet or care should be communicated to the nursery staff. Children with allergies may bring their own snack, if desired.  Otherwise, please refrain from sending your child with food.

Parents, if you see that the nursery has more than two babies or five toddlers, please offer your assistance to help manage the nursery.  A remote speaker is located in the nursery so parents can listen to the service.