September 2018 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

September 20, 2018

BUUF Library

6200 Garrett Street, Garden City, Idaho


Board Members:  Tom von Alten, Rachel Murphy, Matthew Sabin, Harriet Shaklee, Elizabeth Pirie, Gwyn Reid, Sandy Cruise


Other:  Rev. Sara LaWall


Board Members not Present:  Sue Stadler, George Raino


Action Number Decision Notes

Board Action

20180920-1 Moved Treasurer’s report from Consent Agenda to discussion item.

Accept Consent Agenda minus Treasurer’s report.



Moved: Tom von Alten


_XX__  Pass


Voice Vote




20180920-2 Accept Harriet Shaklee’s legacy gift as outlined in her August 27,2018 letter to the BUUF Board and the forms submitted to the “Wake Now Our Vision” campaign.







Moved: Tom


Seconded: Rachel Murphy


__XX___  Pass


Voice Vote


Harriet Shaklee abstained




20180920-3 Budget adjustment motion from Treasurer

To reflect changes to Religious Exploration staff; the final total of pledged contributions; and the added

expense from last month’s decision to increase the computer maintenance budget:

 Increase the DRE professional expense budget by $914, from $2,500 to $3,414;

 Increase the income budget for pledges, less 5% allowance for cancellations from $304,950 to

313,370 (with $329,867 pledges tallied);

 Reduce the expected deficit make-up Douglas Fund transfer to match the resulting estimated

deficit of $3,061.

Note that this is a net reduction of the budget deficit from $7,481.

Moved: Tom


Seconded: Gwyn Reid


__XX___  Pass



Voice Vote


Motion 20180920-4 Offer the larger manufactured home on the Douglas property as a rental under the CATCH program.


Note:  CATCH = non profit Charitable Assistance to the Community’s Homeless

The property will be offered for rent at the same rate as the current renter is paying

HUD approval will be required for the property to be an eligible rental  under the CATCH program.

Moved: Gwyn


Seconded: Sandy Cruise


__XX___  Pass



Voice Vote


Agenda-Business Meeting


Consent Agenda – Vote Required (15 minutes)

  • Minutes – August 16, 2018 Board Meeting
  • Minister’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report (Note – moved from Consent Agenda to regular agenda)
  • Questions/Discussion of Consent Agenda Items

Action Item–

  • Legacy Gift – Harriet Shaklee     (10 minutes)

Board motion to accept Harriet Shaklee’s legacy gift as outlined in her August 27, 2018 letter to the BUUF Board and the forms submitted to the “Wake Now Our Vision” campaign.

Discussion Items —

  • Douglas Property Potential for Current Year Action (15 minutes)
  • October 7 – Fall Congregational Meeting Agenda (10 minutes)
  • Engaging Space Task Force – Harriet (20 minutes)
    • Charge for Task Force
    • Process for selecting members


Break – 5 to 10 minutes

  • Review of World Café – Discussion – What is Board’s responsibility (15 minutes)
  • Mortgage Retirement Party (15 minutes)


Executive Session