Social Justice Council, 12/7/22

Date/Time/Location:  Dec 7, 2022, 6:30 pm,  on-line via  BUUF zoom Room 3

Attending: Jim Bigelow

Adjourned at 6:45 with no other attendees

Notes & updates

  • November 9th meeting notes
  • Social Justice Resolutions
    • Both have passed the Board and Reverend Sara will organize the online vote  this month.
    • Online voting rules: “Any congregational vote requires a quorum, or 20% of our voting membership to participate, for a minimum of 55 total ballots to be cast for the vote to be valid. For a vote to pass with congregational approval, a simple majority of that quorum (a minimum of 28 votes) must be in favor. For this vote to pass, a simple majority of the votes received (over a quorum) must vote “Yes” in favor of passing each resolution.”
    • Voting Results
      • there are 274 possible voters
      • 78 votes cast for Saving the Salmon…  96% voting yes with 28% of voters casting a vote
      • 77 votes cast for Reproductive Rights – 92% voting yes with 28% voting. 
    • Both Resolutions have passed.
  • Social Justice Fund
    • Racial Justice Ministry: $5250 of $6,000
    • Reproductive Justice: $5,000
    • Winter clothing for Duck Valley: $150
    • CAT & Interfaith Power & Light: $500
    •  unallocated                 : $  1,265
  • Social Justice Budget
    • Winter clothing for Duck Valley: $300
    • Winter Boot Drive for the Unhoused: pledged $200 but unneeded
    • Remaining: $700
  • Plate Partners
    • January   – CATCH,
      • BUUF contact: Jim
      • Director of Development Whitney Morgan  email
      • Will speak at the Jan. 8th service.
      • Jim will follow up the first week in January
    • February –  Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation Rick Groff
      • Duck Valley Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley, P.O. Box 219, Owyhee, Nevada, 89832.
    • March – Boise Period Project, Jim
  • Carbon Neutral BUUF
  • Reproductive Justice in the Post-Roe World
    • Ballot Initiative Working Group
    • Understanding Abortion in Post -Roe Idaho
      • Sat. Dec 10 12pm – 2pm, RSVP HERE. (25 person limit)
    • Reproductive Justice Ministry team startup
  • Duck Valley Coats, Hats, and Gloves
    • fund the purchase of winter coats, etc for the the folks at Duke Valley from a combination of the funds in the Social Justice Council budget and the 2022 Social Justice Special Appeal:
      •  Social Justice Council  –            $300
      • Social Justice Special Appeal – $300
        • The funds from the 2022 Social Justice Special Appeal break down as:
        •     Racial Justice Ministry allocation – $150
        •     unallocated funds                           $150
  • Winter Boot Drive for the Unhoused – Mark
    • $200 from Social Justice Council budget not needed
    • drive very successful – The winter clothing drive had a great response with well over a thousand items resulting in 3 stuffed SUV loads of high quality items that were immediately distributed. I think we should do this every October/November through SJC and I would be happy to coordinate it as it could be much better with a few changes. As a result of the amount of items received we didn’t end up spending the $200 that had been allocated. We also established a good working relationship with Corpus Christi House
  • Round Table